Thursday, February 7, 2008

How low can we go?

You know, I thought Man could get pretty low in his behavior. It really hit home the other day just how low some people can go. While Dylan and I were out walking, we passed by a house that recently burned, one where a man died in the blaze. As I surveyed the damage and looked at all the scorched and burned-beyond-recognition possessions piled in the yard, I 'tut-tutted' and shook my tragic! But as we passed it again on the way home coming from the other direction I noticed this nailed to the utility pole on the corner next to it:

"Bad Karma to whichever slime ball stole a dead man's flowers, you stinking piece of ----!!!!!"

I don't think I need to fill in what that word was. Then I glanced up at the front porch and noticed the little 'shrine' there where people who'd known the man who died had been leaving candles, mementoes, and other items. When there'd been a murder in our neighborhood last year, people had done the same thing, laying items in the driveway where the victim had been knifed to death. Very eerie since the huge stain of his blood was -- and still is, even after all this time! -- visible.

How God must sit in His heavens and shake His head in disappointment sometimes as He gazes down here! And as to the slime ball who stole that dead man's on earth can they enjoy a bouquet like that one?!



Jane Doh ! said...

Yes....why would you? There are some very low forms of human life and no matter what religion...I'm more than sure karma plays a very big role in all our lives. That is just wrong!!

Alaine (or Lanie) said...

It's amazing the things people do to each other.

Anonymous said...

Well, not too surprising in a culture where babies can be washed down a sink without a second thought. Man is not very nice to other men, in general, these days!!