Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A little TLC

Thank you to all who prayed for Dylan. It isn't often that he rests quietly all day without the energy to do much more than look at books, cuddle on Grandma's lap, and watch "Super Why" videos. His cough is deep and harsh and his cheeks are rosy. But the fever seems to be past and the doctor said it's a "wait and see" situation from this point on, taking up to three weeks now for his lungs to clear. He'll be coming over to our house tomorrow but I don't know if Casey is well enough to go back to work yet. She's got a similar virus and is 8 months pregnant now so there isn't much she can take for medication and she's exhausted from caring for Dylan. So is my son and now he's coughing! Arggghhhh. So please pray for them as well!

As for me, it's relatively early but I'm tired so Dear Hubby, Chloe dog, and I are heading for bed. This house is just full of excitement, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Learned some years ago that eucalyptus oil can kill off viruses, flu, etc. SO when someone here gets sick, I get part of an old washcloth, soak it in the oil and pin to their shirt. Seems the fumes help a bit and safer than being on the skin. That and putting VICKS all over the chest!! My son had pneumonia once and we had to give him something that would make him cough up stuff and pound on his little back while he coughed. But we managed to keep him at home without hospitalization. I did whatever the doc told me to do!!

I do not know if you can get chicken broth down him either, but that and some grape juice do seem to help with such problems. A doc told me to do that. Poor baby. My your kids are having an awfully rough time of things!! Must pray the little one in the womb will be ok too!!

Alaine (or Lanie) said...

Those coughs are the worst. I'm sure he'll be fine. And I pray that Casey feels better soon...I always hated being sick when I was pregnant because there really is so little you can do. I can't believe she's 8 months already! Time is just flying again.
You're all in my prayers still.

Judy said...

Oh, poor Dylan!

I will prayer for him.

That nasty business seems to be EVERYWHERE.

We haven't be able to see my mom for over a week, as the state has closed the nursing home to visitors due to a flu epidemic.