Monday, February 4, 2008

Midnight Mystery

I had the most bizarre thing happen to me in the middle of the night. I came to out of a deep sleep and the first thing that popped into my mind was a very insistent, urgent "Pray for protection! Pray for protection!" Which, of course, I did. I don't know if it was for us or for family or who it pertained to, but I could sense the frantic need for it. In all my years here on this earth I've never awakened to anything quite like it. I told Dear Hubby about it when I got up this morning and he said who knows what might've been going on outside. After I'd prayed I'd gone back into another deep sleep and I vaguely remember hearing Chloe dog growling deep in her throat and other dogs up and down the street barking. Dear Hubby said Chloe actually jumped off the bed and ran out into the living room...he had to go bring her back to bed because she wouldn't come back on her own. And me...I slept blissfully thru that! I guess I'd had my part in it an hour or so earlier when I prayed! And I must've known if I'd kept up my end of the burden, the Lord would take care of His end. And He did. All was well and safe when Dear Hubby left for work a while ago. How comforting it is to know everything is in His hands.


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verabear said...

Wow, that was really a weird experience. I'm glad all's well

Marty said...

We had a similar experience once.

We were leaving to go on a trip at 9am, and I woke up about 2am with a feeling that we should stay home. I realized Dee wasn't in bed, so I went to find him in the living room. He had awakened suddenly with a strong feeling that we shouldn't go on our trip. It was inexplicable, but we called our babysitter, and said not to come, because we weren't going.

Later that day we got a call that Dee's mom had died. It was very weird, but it taught me that we're in the Lord's hands, whether we know it or not.