Friday, February 15, 2008


This has been a long week. I can't remember the last time I was so bone-deep tired and I'm not even the one who's been as sick as my grandson and daughter-in-law are. Or I should say Dylan was sick because he's ever-so-slowly improving. Yesterday he took two naps, each almost 2 hours long, but it's not like him to just sit quietly and not do much. My daughter-in-law is the one who concerns me now. She's almost as sick as he was and went to the doctor Wednesday but because she's 8 months pregnant now there wasn't really anything they could do for her. She did go in to work yesterday but arrived at our house in the early afternoon. She looked and sounded dreadful so I told her to stretch out on the couch -- Dylan was sleeping at the time -- and go to sleep. Which she did. I think she got in about an hour or so nap before he woke up. And now my son is coming down with it as well. And all the guys out at Dear Hubby's work have it again. This is the same bug Dear Hubby was so sick with at Christmas. Is there no end to it?

Dear Hubby woke me up a few minutes before 4 this morning asking me if a DVD could still be in the DVD player. I was so deeply asleep I couldn't even think of what a DVD player could be! But I stumbled out of bed and somehow managed to turn on the DVD player to pop it open and see. No. The DVD was not in there. So I turned off the DVD player. Good grief. And I think I'm technologically challenged. Mentally challenged at 4 am, yes, but what is it about men and electronic gadgets? Or is it just my husband? One thing he's very good at is channel surfing, but that's a whole 'nother story. Since I rarely watch TV in the evenings, tho, that is not an issue in our home. But waking me at 4 and asking me questions and expecting coherent answers is. I tell him, "You've already been up for two hours so give me a break if I don't even know what city I live in!" MEN!

Oh well. It's Friday, for whatever that's worth. Now, if it was Saturday...that would be worth getting excited about.


Anonymous said...

You say you have no other child in the home? Ummmm, I think you do!! ARGH!! You are so nice to get up in such a condition to see about a dumb DVD...I would CERTAINLY not be in a mood to be too accommadating about other things in the next day or 2 after being woke up for THAT!! You are a very NICE woman!!

verabear said...

Oh but it's saturday for you now! That's exciting :)

i do hope that bug flies away as abruptly as it landed around you and your family

Jane Doh ! said...

We are all down with the dreaded bug too Kris....Jack was off school all week, Alex has been throwing up, and Kurtis also...Baby seems ok for now...and I have felt "off" all week too but mostly because of what I was seeing being projected all around me and then having to clean it A mama's work is never done and at the end of it all for's going to be my turn. It's rare that I catch the bugs but I am way overdue by about 5 years for whats going around. I hope your son's wife, your son and Dylan will get through this fast. Take care Kris (((((hugs))))

Danielle Blogging for Balance said...

I hope you are getting some much needed rest over this lovely weekend.