Sunday, February 17, 2008


I dunno about the rest of you, but I've been itching to see some signs of Spring. I've seen shoots coming up thru the soil when I've been out walking little Chloe dog, but this morning I spotted a lawn full of purple crocus! Now, in my book that means SPRING! And about time, too. We've had an unusually gray, wet winter and I've been craving sunshine like a bear in hibernation. Today I got my's cold and frosty outside this morning, but the sky is an incredibly deep, pure blue with no clouds and it's beeeeeeeeee-you-tiful out there!

Now Dear Hubby is getting sick. Again. He was sick for almost a month just before and after Christmas but this bug the kids and Dylan have been down with is circulating around work as well. So far...knock on wood...I'm doing ok. So is Kaitlin. I saw a segment on the news the other evening that said this year's flu shot helps with only half of the viruses circulating out there and I believe it. Now, if everyone would just cover their mouths when they're coughing or sneezing, wouldn't life be grand? When I was grocery shopping yesterday people were wandering up and down the aisles coughing, sneezing, and blowing their noses. I spent half my time in the store holding my breath as I walked by the sick ones. And the shopping cart handles?! Ewwwwwww. There's nothing worse than grabbing a cart and feeling something slick and slimey on it with your hand. I never EVER come home without first going in and washing my hands after I've been out in public. I rarely get sick so I'm sure that has something to do with it. That, and maybe years' worth of immunity built up while working in the schools.

It's been a very quiet weekend. Dear Hubby and I watched "Letters from Iwo Jima" on AMC last nite and enjoyed that a lot. We went to the Goodwill in Sandy yesterday afternoon, taking the 'scenic route' thru Damascus and then heading out toward Estacada and coming in to Sandy the 'back way.' I found a new Fisher Price 'worker dude' figure for Dylan and a couple of books. We went out to the archery range early in the morning and I read about 60 pages of a book while Dear Hubby went thru the course. Came home. Did laundry. Took Chloe dog on a long walk. Just putzing around.

We're mostly in the waiting mode now, anticipating our new grandson's birth. He's due around the end of March but my daughter-in-law is so BIG they're talking about either inducing her early or taking him by c-section. They're monitoring his growth very closely now. My son called last nite and said she'd told him she thinks the baby has run out of room and I know exactly what she means because I felt the same way with my son, who weighed 12 pounds. My ribs ached for months afterwards! I'm hoping we'll be able to watch little Cooper's birth, too, but I'm not holding my breath on this one...I don't know what the policy is on c-sections now. I wouldn't imagine they'd want anyone in there but my son to keep the possibility of infection low. Oh well. Whatever the case, I can't wait to hold the baby for the first time. Feeling a warm little bundle in my arms is going to feel mighty fine again. Mighty fine.


Anonymous said...

If you have some eucalyptus oil, try putting some on a piece of old towel and pinning to his shirt!! It does kill germs...the smell does. And might lessen the severity of his illness.

I LOVE the purple flowers the lovely you have some coming up already in your region!!

Hope the new grandbaby will be ok. Those large babies are sure rough on a first weighed 9 9 1/2 and was 22 inches long...and he no longer fit in my womb either. NO movement for the last week I carried him. NO, the military docs did not believe in c section, so I had him the hard way!! And we both barely survived. I do think a c section would have been easier!! By far!! But it is best for other births, if mama can have the baby normally. Hope all will soon be don't need a sick baby on top of everyone else being ill! Do rest up you won't get sick yourself.

Jane Doh ! said...

Reading this makes me want to have another..the anticipation, I can feel how you feel Kris. It's agony !!!!
As for you Goodwill trip yesterday that kind of spooked me...we drive all the way across town to "Sandy" , our favorite DI and we were there yesterday afternoon, how cool is that? Better if it was Portland and not SLC...hahahha! Do hope Hubby gets well fast and that you and Kaitlin don't get it, it's miserable.

verabear said...

Kris, I hope your dear hubby doesn't really get sick so much. Glad spring is coming around for you, it must be lovely already, or starting to be lovely all around. hehehe :)

Lisa said...

Trying to digest this post, but can't get past the words "slick" and "slimey"... BLECH

Hope hubs is feeling better soon and that Baby Cooper is under 13 pounds!

Alaine (or Lanie) said...

I really am eager to see some signs of spring. All of this cold and snow and greyness is getting me down. We're supposed to get dumped on again tonite and tomorrow. Blech.
I hope Cooper can come soon...I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about him :) She'll be fine and so will he...they can do so many amazing things in the medical field.
I wish your husband would stop getting sick :( You try to stay healthy though. I'd hate for you not to be able to hold that baby when he comes!

Judy said...

Oh, spring is a looooooong way off here in this sun-forsaken part of the world. It was lovely on Saturday, but not for a moment since.

Our second grandchild is six months old already. I just cannot believe how the time flies by.

We would have had more children if the last one hadn't been over 10 1/2 lbs. Although, it wasn't a difficult delivery by any means.

Stay healthy!

Liz said...

12 lbs!!!!! Ohmigosh. Have your ribs stopped aching yet?!

Liz said...

By the way, I gave you an award; have you picked it up yet?

gwenelle said...

I'm with you on being ready for spring! I've seen a few flowers popping up lately and I'm so thankful it's getting lighter sooner.

BTW, I used to blog at Halfpint Pixie (remember me?), but I moved to Wordpress and my username there is Gwenelle. I just rediscovered your blog through Technorati. I'll have to add you to my new blogroll so I can keep up on your posts again!