Friday, April 25, 2008

Life's little trials

Blogger doesn't seem to want to cooperate this morning so I can't upload any images. *sigh* Probably no one cares except me, but I like to illustrate my entries with images I feel go along with what I'm writing about. Oh well. Another day, I guess. In the meantime, use your imagination and fill in some kind of clip art image that illustrates anger!

I got notification of a comment left by "Anonymous" so I clicked on it to see what I'd find. "Anonymous" is used by my readers who like to comment but don't have blogs of their own...then they usually sign their names at the end of so I know who it's from. Well, this particular "Anonymous" ended up being someone who used my comment section for their personal diatribe against the world. Why oh why do people do that?! And then they aren't brave enough to leave their names...but I have ways of finding out who wrote it. I may not have a name, but they leave their IP address behind and other info that I think I could use to track them down. I don't care to track them down at this point, but if they decide to come back on a regular basis, I hope they realize I will not tolerate their...rude...behavior. Just like door-to-door solicitors. Would they like me coming and knocking on their doors?! I think not. So I deal with them by not even bothering to answer the door, even if they can see me thru my front windows. Uninvited visitors who come to my domains, be it here on the internet or in my personal space, aren't going to find a very receptive welcome. If I want whatever product or philosophies someone is 'peddling', Ill go find it myself, thank you.

Ok, enough of my rant for the day. I also had issues with my daughter's lap top earlier this morning. In the middle of writing an email to a friend, the system disconnected from the internet. Bye-bye email. A long one, too, which is doubly frustrating. Oh well. It's not as if I don't have plenty of time to go back and write it again! But I poop out really fast right now so I may not get back to it until tomorrow. Anyway, after turning everything off and straining my brain, I tried something and it worked and here I am.

Does anyone know how boring daytime TV is? Nighttime TV isn't anything to brag about either, but daytime?!? I've even resorted to "Family Feud" reruns on Game Show Network and I don't even like Richard Karn, ha! Nothing personal, but he's too heavy-handed when he's putting his arm around women and it makes me uncomfortable. Not very many of the female contestants look as if they appreciate it much, either. Maybe that's why he's been replaced by that O'Herlihy guy or whatever his name is that's hosting it now. Are there really very many of us females who like men we don't know getting familiar with us? And why is it when Richard Dawson was hosting it and smooching all the women...that didn't bother me because it was part of who he was, part of his charm? But all I can see Richard Karn as is "Al" on "Home Improvement" and I didn't find him particularly appealing on there. Do I even know what I'm talking about today? I don't think so...I seem to be rattling. Can you tell I'm bored out of my mind?

Greta, if you read this, would you please email me again sometime? I didn't keep your email address when you wrote in the past because I never know if someone's just passing thru, even if they tell me they'll be back. You, my dear friend, are one who does come back, and I'd like to be able to send off a little note to you every now and then.

I'm really tired today. I know different friends who've had the same surgery tell me the healing period is full of up and down days. Most days I do feel pretty good. But today I don't feel like I could work my way out of a wet paper bag if I had to. But I want to be up!!! I want to be doing something!!! Instead, I lounge against my pillows, biding my time. Because that's what I have plenty of. Time.


TravelinOma said...

When I'm sick, I lay and look at the un-dusted light fixtures and blinds, wishing I felt well enough to clean deep in the corners. Of course, when I'm up and about, I never have time to do any of that.

You ARE accomplishing a lot. Your body is healing and I'm glad you're giving it time.

Anonymous said...

As to disappearing emails...hubby says to always save to draft every so often and you won't at least loose it all...but when I get on a "typing roll" I kind of forget!

I too, usually do not answer the door unless I know who is there...we do not live in a safe time. BUT the other day I did (cause I thought I heard the UPS guy's truck) and this HUGE black guy was there selling stuff...and told me he was an ex-con, about intimdating!!! Let me tell you, I did not have much money on me ($7) but I gave it to him anyway...a donation!! Does not pay to break your own rules!! ARGH!! Then we think the same people came back to the neighborhood, this time selling vacumn cleaners...a neighbor called and warned me!! So I shut the shades and no one rang!!

Yes, when you have a blog, you do have power to do however you see fit. I do not know how to use the comment box except to put under anonymous...but I do forget sometimes to sign my name...but I do not think it was me you were talking about...heehee!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my....went back and found it!! That is a BOOK, not a comment!! I would feel free to remove it and block that IP!! Do you have to pay extra for such a long comment?

Makes no sense either to me...a lot of psychobabble...