Friday, April 18, 2008

Random Musings

I came across this Mark Twain quote today and it fits my philosophy on aging to a "T". On the evening news tonite there was a segment on older Americans being happier Americans. I'm not sure what age is considered 'older' but I'll be happy to put myself in that category if it means I'm a happier American. I am happier, or at least I am compared to the younger people I see around me. My daughter had taped "High School Confidential" on the DVR and I began watching it a few days ago, starting with the first episode. It chronicles the lives of several young high school girls in Overland Park, Kansas, from their Freshman year in 2002 thru their graduation in 2006. Having worked in the public school system here in Portland for several years, I thought I was fully aware of the pressures -- academically, emotionally, and by their peers and parents -- put on the children of today but this series was an eye opener even for me. I'm sure a lot of pressures are put on boys, too, but as I sat watching these, I found myself thinking, "Thank goodness I have grandsons!" I thought high school was tough enough for a girl when I attended it over 35 years ago...but these young women face a world that makes me wonder if I'd have the strength and courage to survive in it today. I think what disturbs me the most about any documentary or series that focuses on the behavior of young people today is the ferocity of their...hate...their quest for revenge, their seemingly callous disregard for other people's feelings. I know, from personal interaction with thousands of school kids, there are a lot of wonderful young people out there. But I find the anonymity they can hide behind on the internet a very powerful weapon when it's used as a 'hurt tool'. I did hear a quote from the girl featured on the third episode I watched today that truly impressed me with the maturity she'd gained thru four very hard years. Jessi said in her graduation address: "Don't try to fit in. We were all made to stand out." We learn that as we grow older and, hopefully, wiser. It's too bad when we need that knowledge, that wisdom, the most, it isn't there for us to grasp on to. We're too afraid to step out and say "I'm me. Take me as I am. If you can't, that's your problem."

When you check your statistics and you find a reader who found you thru a Google or Yahoo search...or any other search engine, for that's always interesting to see what brought them to you. I got a good chuckle out of one today. A person had done a Google search on "soggy boggy uterus after c-section" and my blog was at the top of the list for their topic! It's mind-boggling to see all the different topics my blog pops up on. They find me under "kris blog Portland Oregon". "Poems about mother's death". "Menopause". "Bee Houses". Just to name a few.

The kids are planning on taking Dylan for his first hair cut this weekend. Now I know for sure I won't recognize him the next time I see him! All those baby curls gone. *Sigh*

I'm getting tired so I'll close for now.


HORIZON said...

lol on soggy boggy etc. Makes you smile :)
When wee Sam had his first hair cut his curls never came back but lets hope better for Dylan.

HORIZON said...

Don't try to fit in. We were all made to stand out."
love it and forgot to add this earlier Kris :)