Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 Things

10 Things I Can't Stand:

1. Pimentoes
2. Anything greasy on my hands
3. Dr. Pepper
4. The smell of cat spray
5. Green olives
6. Cooked peppers
7. Sticking my hand into cat poop buried in my flowerbeds
8. Belly buttons
9. People coughing/sneezing in public without covering their mouths
10.Slimey grocery cart handles

10 Movies I Adore:

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
2. To Kill a Mockingbird
3. Band of Brothers miniseries
4. Saving Private Ryan
5. Fargo -- the 'cut' version
6. Princess Bride
7. Harvey
8. The Christmas Story
9. Forrest Gump
10.The African Queen

10 Favorite TV Shows of all time:

1. The Andy Griffith Show
2. All the Law & Order series
3. Without a Trace
4. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
5. Home Improvement
6. The Carol Burnett Show
7. ER -- prior to 2003
8. Family Ties
9. The original Twilight Zone
10. A shortlived drama series called "Family" in the 1970s

10 Things I Want to Do in my Lifetime:

1. Live to see both my grandsons graduate from high school
2. Become less impulsive
3. Learn to bridle my tongue
4. Become more patient
5. To relax more and not feel guilty about it
6. Learn more
7. Roll with the punches
8. Obsess less
9. Love more
10.Accept growing older gracefully

10 CDs I Love:

1. Dido -- 'Life for Rent'
2. Joni Mitchell -- 'For the Roses'
3. Gordon Lightfoot -- 'Don Quixote'
4. Emmylou Harris -- 'Stumble into Grace'
5. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss -- 'Raising Sand'
6. Cat Stevens -- 'Tea for the Tillerman'
7. Annie Lennox -- 'Diva'
8. Annie Lennox -- 'Bare'
9. ALL of Enigma
10. Neil Diamond -- 'Greatest Hits'

10 Things in my Desk Drawers:

1. Stapler
2. Paper clips
3. Photos
4. Screws
5. Rubber bands
6. Note pads
7. Sticky notes
8. Receipts
9. Pens

10 Books I Treasure:

1. My Bible
2. My Aunt Gin's journals
3. "Sojourner" by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
4. My collection of Gladys Taber books
5. A notebook of recipes handwritten by my maternal grandmother
6. A copy of "Scarlet Letter" that belonged to my great-grandfather and was published in the mid-1800s
7. My Baby Book
8. A book about me handwritten by my son in grade school that he gave me for Mother's Day
9. A Treasury of Best Loved Poetry my mom used to read to me when I was a little girl
10.My mom's Bible she was awarded in Sunday School back in the 1930s

10 Moments I Remember:

1. The day President Kennedy was assassinated
2. The day Martin Luther King was assassinated
3. The day Robert Kennedy was assassinated
4. Man's landing on the moom
5. The days my children and grandchildren were born
6. The day Mt. St. Helens erupted
7. The day I was married
8. The days my parents died
9. The day I moved away from my hometown
10 September 11, 2001

10 Things I’m Never Without:

1. Glasses
2. My Chloe dog!
3. ID
4. Money enough to use in a pay phone
5. Baggies in my pocket for Chloe's potty breaks
6. Toilet paper in the truck -- we take a lot of drives out in the middle of nowhere
7. Keys
8. Something to read
9. A pillow to cradle against my belly when I sleep
10. Music in my truck

10 Things I Love (other than people):

1. Walking on the beach
2. Walking, period!
3. Indian Summer
4. The sound of my grandson Dylan's giggle
5. Being greeted at the door by Chloe dog
6. Seeing Dear Hubby's truck drive up at the end of the day
7. Sitting in a rocker on the back porch or the glider on the front porch reading
8. Bird song
9. Blustery days
10.Homemade soup

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