Saturday, May 3, 2008

6 Weird Nocturnal Habits of Mine

I was going to write about weird nighttime habits I have but the more I tried to think of some, the less weird the ones I have seem. Like making sure the doors are locked. Having the coffeemaker set up and ready to go before we get up in the morning, always. Getting up to go to the bathroom 20 minutes after I go to bed every nite, just to make sure my bladder is empty. Sleeping with one pillow under my head and one pillow on top of it. Sleeping with the door open because I'm claustraphobic. Sleeping with a pillow tucked up against my stomach. I mean, how weird are those? But, as always recently, I am bored, bored, bored!!! And I couldn't think of anything original to write about tonite. And I want to write because if I watch another 5 minutes of TV I'm going to go insane. Seriously!

I am desperate for entertainment. My daughter, bless her heart, even took the time to try to teach me how to play "The Sims" on her lap top. People of her generation have no comprehension as to how difficult something like "The Sims" can be for someone of my generation and she got a little testy with me when I made some comment like, "That's easy for you to understand but I'm a dinosaur." She gets very tired of hearing me say that. Honestly, it isn't an's the truth! As she was showing me this icon and how that icon would do one thing if I'd click on it and drag this here and point that there but don't ever, ever hit the Escape button I was beginning to get a headache. I could not keep up with it all and it overwhelmed me. It made me feel stupid and inept and horribly frustrated, especially after she left me on my own and told me, "Have fun! I know you can figure it out!" Well....I didn't want to hurt her feelings, to think I didn't appreciate the time she took to try and teach me how to make my Stephanie Johansen Sim "live"....but I couldn't even figure out how to get a bed to go where I wanted to place it in the bedroom. So I fiddled a bit here, poked an icon there, and basically wasted time until my daughter had showered and taken off to go out to dinner with her best friend. As soon as she was out the door, I was outta "The Sims"! She will never, ever understand me when she reads this and I say I get about as stressed out trying to play that game as I used to get doing my income taxes before Turbo Tax came along. But I think most of you around my age who read this know exactly what I'm talking about. At least I hope you do. Or I'm really going to feel stupid!

I've been doing some blog hopping this evening, kind of working my way alphabetically thru the ORblogs site and clicking on whatever catches my interest. There are a lot of writers and thinkers in this state who are very political! But that's something that doesn't interest me much so I passed over most of them. Like the one Obama catch-phrase that's stuck with me lately, "Words...just words!" Do you ever wonder how many words are typed and published into the blogosphere on a daily basis?! One thing I read that made me stop and think was someone who wrote that the average life of a blog is three months. Three months! I've been at it for over three years now...that really does make me a dinosaur, like I've been writing since the dark ages if that prediction is true. What I find ironic about it is when I tried keeping handwritten journals or diaries, those lasted an average of three months or less. I've always had too much to say, too many thoughts swirling around in my head, for my hand to ever keep up with it all. I'd get too frustrated and suffer from writer's cramp. Pretty soon I'd lose interest and another journal/diary would get stuck on a shelf, left to collect dust. With blogging...well, I type 70 words per minute or more so usually my fingers are flying as fast as my mind. No frustration there! And here you are, reading all my blather. Lucky you.


Anonymous said...

My eyes cannot keep up with many things on internet especially....though I can read fast and type fairly fast...still, frustrating trying to learn from my daughter too...I am SO slow. So you are not alone!!

WOW, you are claustrophobic...HOW can you have a pillow over your head? I guess we all do funny things...whatever works for whatever we are trying to fix, eh?

Suburbia said...

Commiserations! (not sure about spelling!) There is NOTHING on TV here either and having 2 kids and no sitter evenings are now blogging time! However the weather is getting better and I commented to husband that we could sit out in the garden for a bit, just as the words left my mouth someone lit s bonfire! That always happens here on a lovely evening, what is wrong with people!

Oh and the Simms thing, doesn't do much for me either!

TravelinOma said...

I have about 40 half-filled journals, too. I would have great intentions, but it took too long to write an entry out by hand. So I'd postpone it, and then have to recommit, which, of course, meant a new journal.

Blogging is exactly my style. I can't do any of the computer games. My problem is that I don't understand icons. I know they're supposed to be more user-friendly than technical words, but I can't see them for one things, and I can't figure out what they mean. My 2-year-old granddaughter gets it, but my brain is not programmed that way!

Liz said...

Like you, I never managed to keep a diary for long. I think it always seemed rather pointless as it wasn't going to be read. At least with a blog we know some of the things we write will be read.

Bridget Locke said...


Go check out the youtube I've got posted on my blog. Stace told me about it. Too, too funny. The kid's reaction is priceless & the little one's cheeky grin near the end. Made me laugh 'til I cried. Enjoy! :D