Saturday, May 3, 2008

Isn't this a great idea?

I came across this blog entry on OregonLive's blogs and I thought it was an idea worth passing on, especially for any younger women with kids who might come and read here. In these tough economic times, with retail prices soaring, what a great way to get 'new' clothes for nothing and have the added pleasure of being able to meet other young moms. Even tho the moms I knew back when my kids were little were great about swapping our kids' clothes back and forth, I wish I'd known of something like this back then!

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Anonymous said...

That would have been a great idea in our day!! I was able to sew, fortunately. So I ended up making most of what I and the kids wore, even some things for hubby. I have TONS of projects waiting for the machine now...need to get back at it again. I have made a fair amount too for my grandkids, though it is not necessary today with thrift shops, ebay, etc. and my dil has found some great deals there too.