Friday, May 16, 2008

Put the lime in the coconut, and call me in the mo-o-ornin'

I'm becoming well-acquainted with Calcium pills big enough to choke a horse now that my body no longer produces estrogen. I know they're big enough to choke me, anyway, and I came across this handy-dandy pill cutter. Well, Dear Hubby came across it, that is, when he'd gone to Walgreen's to pick up my prescription for pain medication the day I came home from the hospital. Those pills were so tiny you practically needed a magnifying glass to see them, let alone cut them in half like we needed to do. The pharmacist was kind enough to recommend this pill cutter to Dear Hubby and it sure is a blessing now for my super-sized Calcium supplement.

Luckily, outside of the momentary blip on my radar screen with my 'female' problems the past couple of years, I'm in pretty good health. I am very thankful I don't have to take any prescriptions on a daily basis. But I can remember a horrible concoction my Mom used to give me every day for years when I had anemia as a child. It came in a big dark brown glass bottle and looked lethal, especially once the muddy-colored liquid was poured into a spoon and brought up to my mouth. I hated that stuff. It was the stinkiest, smelliest, foulest elixir ever created for human consumption. It was called "Beef, Iron, and Wine Tonic" and if I never see another bottle of it in my lifetime, it'll be too soon. Because I was obedient, I never clamped my mouth shut and refused to take it, but that didn't keep me from pleading with Mom to let me skip it, "Just for today, pleeeeeaaaaassssssse!!" Ugh! Yuck! Ptooey! It was bad enough going down but even worse when it'd get burped up a few hours later. My mother was sure it was good for me, tho, because our doctor...who used to do house calls back in those days!...recommended it to her. When I had my first uterine hemorrhage back in 2006, the emergency doctor told me I was very anemic so I did a search on Beef, Iron and Wine Tonic at that time, just to see if it's still available. Much to my amazement, it is!! You can purchase it here!

I won't be buying a bottle any time soon. No way. My friend Marty wrote on her blog about "Rewind" moments, when your senses bring back certain memories as you sniff or hear something that triggers a specific time. Well, Beef Iron and Wine tonic is one of those "Rewind" moments for me. Whenever I smell anything particularly foul, I think of it. And without any fondness. Ha!

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scargosun said...

Isn't that Geritol? ;)