Monday, May 26, 2008

Reading Between the Lines

How much do we bloggers reveal about ourselves in our writing? How many of us are our 'real' selves? How many of us let the world see our private selves here? Do we reveal only as much in our writing as we would in a face-to-face relationships, the self we want the world around us to like? Or are we brave enough to show our real selves, warts and all? And not care whether the world likes us or not?

I dunno. I think I write pretty much what I'm thinking. But I can't say I reveal a lot of my inner self here. It's too ingrained in me from way back when in my early childhood to keep back what's truly private. To give out too much information is to make myself vulnerable. I am not one to put myself in a position of vulnerability. The few times I have, I've lived to regret it. It is so true...we learn from experience. And maturity comes from lessons learned.

Some of my readers are good at reading between my lines. Others think they are but I can tell from their comments they don't understand me at all. Assumptions. Not reading things clearly. Misinterpreting. But that could be my fault. It's very hard, especially when writing about emotional issues or personal feelings, to describe precisely what I mean. It's very difficult to make intangibles tangible. To try to explain to someone reading my writing the things in my thoughts and my life that are more or less unexplainable to myself. I do a lot of pondering here. I do a lot of stream of consciousness wandering. I try to find my own answers by writing about the things I don't have answers to. Sometimes I find them. Sometimes I hit the "Publish Post" button as clueless as I was when I first sat down at my keyboard. There are so many gaps in my writing. A person could slip and fall between them and not even I would know how to help them fill them in. I don't care what kind of writer a person is....whether it's blogging or being a best selling novelist or a laureate...what we write, where it comes from, and how we put it into words, is one of Life's biggest mysteries. At least that's the way it is for me. It always has been.

Maybe I should write about the tangibles. A political blog. A blog of recipes or gardening. Music. Book reviews. Keep it on a neutral level...a blog about things, not thoughts. But that's not how I function, not in real life. I'm not a person interested in things. I'm a person who spends a lot of time thinking, a person very involved in living life and writing about it as it happens. I think that's why I like writing so much...using it as a tool to share with the world around me, to open other people's minds to reaching outside of their own box and trying to see life from another person's perspective. We humans are so unique. There are billions of us and yet we each walk our own path. No two lives are lived exactly the same, with mirror experiences. I write about my walk. I take you along, one step at a time.


TravelinOma said...

I think I know you from your writing, but I know I know myself better because of your writing. You make me think!

scargosun said...

I blog what I think, not always what I would end up doing. I am a tense and careful person and in my posts I think I sound like a bull in a china shop. I'd like to think I am somewhere in between. :)

Jane Doh ! said...

I'm a thinker too, not a doer and I write how it is...I wish I could make things up because I do have a wonderful imagination, I could write books if only I could get the words out.
I have been "thinking" of updating my place for the past 3 weeks now...I have I'm not so hooked on the game anymore, I can walk away easily...I just haven't had anything worthy of talking about lately. No need to vent at all either which is pretty odd. I'm not even medicated Miss Kris...haha!!

I'll go give it a try though ;)

Happy Tuesday!!!

Anonymous said...

My opinion is that we never will know another person 100%...there are always surprises in life...some good, some not. Even if we want to divulge ourselves entirely to another...and I am not sure anyone does, being completely understood is rare too, I think. Maybe it is our flawed language. But I kind of think that perfect communication is for the next life. Well, even now, no one but the FATHER can totally know our inner least that has been my experience!