Thursday, May 1, 2008

Will I never learn?

OK...OK...I'm feeling chastised now and I'm slowing down a bit. I don't think the good Lord passed on much common sense to me when He gave me my share, especially where my health is concerned. My doctor had told me to do whatever feels 'comfortable' and use common sense but I don't know what that means. Seriously. Not when it involves me. But last nite was my wake up call, so to speak. I began spotting again and was waaaaaaaaay too miserable after a really hectic day so today I'm not doing anything that doesn't need doing. I'm actually taking it easy!!!

When it comes to door-to-door solicitors we rarely ever answer the door, let alone speak to any of them. But yesterday was the exception...Dear Hubby went to answer a knock while I was doing dishes. He stepped outside and closed the door...and he was out there for quite a while. That's not a very good sign where he's concerned. It means he's interested in whatever they're trying to sell. Last time it was for a bottle of some kind of 'miracle cleaner' that cost $36 and is still sitting unused in the cupboard underneath the kitchen sink. Sure enough, I heard the door open and his voice call, "Dear, can you come here?" Uh oh. I went out into the living room ready to tell the young men there no...but then even I changed my mind. Miracle of miracles. They were selling home alarm systems and the reason why we listened to these young men is because our next door neighbors had the same system installed a year ago and have been very happy with it. In the 25 years we've lived in our neighborhood neither we or our neighbors have been bothered with much more than petty theft or mischief...we had an old lawn mower stolen several years ago, our vehicles have been broken in to a couple of times and our glove boxes gone thru. But the way this old world is changing at such a breakneck speed we decided it might not be a bad idea to put an alarm system in now. Our neighborhood is old and quite urban. Better safe than sorry.

The bad part about something like this, tho, is not having your house ready for visitors. Even if all they are are young installation guys. They were here and there, up the stairs and down the stairs, looking into all the back corners for the telephone line junction box in the basement because we had no idea where it was. Drilling into walls. Alarm beeps going off that had poor little Chloe dog so traumatized I put one of my bed pillows over her here on the couch where she cowered next to me to give her a sense of safety. Have you ever watched "Clean House"? Well, our basement isn't that bad but it's got baby things piled here, storage bins of Dear Hubby's hunting stuff piled there; my dirty laundry was sorted in more piles over near the washer and dryer. And cobwebs?! Oh my. One of the young men came upstairs swiping cobwebs out of his hair after finding the junction box and telling me, "There sure are a lot of spiders down there!" I could've told him that! He was venturing back into dark corners I haven't ventured into for...well...a few years, anyway.

Before I found out I was going to have surgery during my daughter-in-law's maternity leave, Dear Hubby and I had grand plans of using this time to take several truck loads of junk to the dump. Several more truck loads of stuff to the Goodwill. Resurfacing the kitchen cabinets. Giving the basement a thorough purge and cleaning. I had visions of spending hours working out in my flowerbeds. And then we got hit with this major left curve. Now everything's been put on the back burner again, waiting for another day. I sit here frustrated out of my mind. And then cringing with embarrassment as these young men discover all of our...stuff...piled in the basement. I hope they didn't think this is how we live all the time. I'd be beyond mortified if they did! Me, who in my childhood had a mother who was so clean we could've eaten out of the toilet. Ah well. In the last two years, taking care of a very busy grandson has taken priority over a spotless house...what more can I say? But I must admit I wished I'd known we'd have 'company' yesterday. Not that it would've done me any good because I still can't get up and do anything even today. The cobwebs are still there. The piles of baby things and hunting gear are, too. And they'll be there tomorrow. And probably next month, too.

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