Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Dance Time!

I just exited stage left, but me and the guys above are doing a happy dance tonite about all the great comments everyone left on my previous post. It is so refreshing to get feedback, whether positive or negative! I dunno...I just liked the look of the black-on-white color scheme. I wish I'd known earlier how hard it was for everyone to read...I would've changed it a long time ago. But, you see, I do my reading of my own writing here, on my posting page. I proofread here, make corrections here...I practically live here! I didn't have to go out "there" to read. I give you guys credit and take it as a great compliment that, even as hard as it was on your eyes, you kept coming back. That just goes to show what great friends you are and I treasure each and every one of you.

With all that said, I am beginning to wonder about my brain. I went to the store the other day to buy groceries and as I slid my debit card thru the little debit machine there at the checkout I began to type in my 4-digit PIN number. And then I hesitated. Was that the right number?! "Why, sure it is!" I thought, but again I hesitated before I hit the "Enter" button. Was it really? Since my conscious mind wasn't cooperating very much I just trusted in the "automatic pilot" part of my brain and hit "Enter" anyway. Bingo! It was the right one! Like Pig on "Super Why" says when he asks "You'll help me, right?" and gets a positive silent answer from the audience...."WHEWWWWWW!" At that moment I knew exactly how the little fella feels! It was like one of those moments when you're on your commute to work and you're travelling down the same old streets, the same old freeways, you've travelled down a thousand times before and you suddenly notice a house you've passed a thousand times as well. And you find yourself wondering, "Has that house always been yellow?!" I mean, it really startles you. And then you notice a bit of mildew along the eaves and you realize that yes, it's been yellow a long long time. Or maybe it's just me. Maybe I notice weird stuff like that. A year or so ago I'd gone to Fred Meyer to buy something and as I took the "scenic route" -- the less-travelled side streets -- home, my mind was a million miles away. I had a moment then when I suddenly became aware of my surroundings and I thought, "Where am I?!" It truly kind of panicked me for a moment. Then I spotted the library up ahead and got my bearings back. I used to have a long commute to a school I worked at here in Portland and sometimes, as I'd pull in to the parking lot, I'd suddenly think, "Did I run any red lights?" because I'd get so preoccupied sometimes I'd drive to school on "automatic pilot" as well. Not a good thing to do, and it used to rattle me a bit. But aren't we all guilty of that? Isn't it something we humans share?

Today was a red letter day for me, in mentioning the library. Today my little grandsons and I made it all the way over there on our walk, the first time since my surgery! Wooooo hooooo! I took it slow and we stopped to watch some squirrels squabbling up on top of a utility pole along the way but we got there! And luckily I'd brought along a bottle because Cooper began howling a couple of blocks from the library. I stood outside feeding him and letting Dylan watch all the people gathering, waiting for it to open. He was heartily amused at a young boy who tried to do some kind of flip-thingy on his skateboard and landed on his butt-end on the pavement. It was pretty funny. Our one major disappointment was passing by a house where the man who lives there has had chickens in the past, running around in a fenced area of his yard, visible from the street. Not so anymore. I don't know if he moved them back to a far corner of his lot because people might've been harassing them or maybe - perish the thought! - killed some of them. The reason I say that is we could barely spot the coop from where we stood on the sidewalk and we saw only one chicken scratching in the dirt, whereas there used to be 4. Let's hope the other 3 were safe inside the hen house! Military jets were on maneuvers this morning and that was a highlight for Dylan...he loves those things! We stopped at the bakery on the way home. Fresh raspberry muffins....mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

I can't remember where I read this little bloggy bit, but someone in my blog browsing the other day said a blog entry should be limited to only 3 or 4 paragraphs because that's about all the attention span anyone has the patience for. So. OK. Here are my 4. I'll say no more.


Judy said...

For me? I have left a restaurant unable to recall that I've eaten. By the looks of me, I HAVE eaten, but I hate that I paid for something good and can't remember enjoying it.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

I once read of a fellow in England who kept a diary of everything he ate every day and he said that it helped him remember everything he did on each day as well. I tried it for a while and it was pretty cool. It worked. I remembered more about the other events of the day when I wrote down what I ate.

Pondside said...

Well, I'm glad you didn't stop at two paragraphs!
Today is Canada Day and I was going through my old posts and remembered you.......that's the trouble with blogging - one reads so many good things and then can't find them again! Anyway, I'm glad I found you again, and I had a laugh at your description of being at the debit machine - I've done exactly the same thing!
Since I last visited your post I've taken up one of your hobbies - babysitting a grandchild! Starting tomorrow I'll be a one-day-a-week babysitter for my nine-month old grandson - bliss!
I'd best quit, or I'll be writing you four paragraphs! Just wanted to ask......have you made it up here yet? I remember you mentionned that you'd never come up to this part of the Pacific North West.

Mike S said...

I used to worry I was 'losing it', but then I heard someone say this, "If you can't remember where you left your car keys, that's common and normal. If you can't remember what the car keys are for, worry!" Been blissfully unaware of a buncha stuff since:)

Anonymous said...

I WISH I could say I don't know what you are talking about...but I DO!! ah, the joys of old age are a creeping up on us...oh well....twill be ok!!

Jane Doh ! said...

I have a really good memory, long term but little inconsequential things are another story... I forget my pin all the time too, mostly because I rarely use it. I blame all kinds of forgetfulness on having ADD...that's my excuse ! haha!!! Hope you have been well Kris....I'm struggling to find something update worthy this week. Maybe if the kids be quiet for 5 minutes I will give it a go.

Tom started his blog back at Bravenet and I have been thinking of being greedy and having 2, continue on with my old one and stay on with this one...I like this one a lot and it doesn't bother me at all that you and Lanie are about my only I have 3500 messages on Deviantart and that's been going up steadily for 6 months...I don't have it in me to reply, way too hard basket...

Anyways.... Catching up with you again soon Sweet Friend. XOXOXO