Friday, June 27, 2008

I've been very time-challenged all this week. Very.

That said, I'm spending some time on here this evening now that the boys have gone home and Dear Hubby and I are fed. Chloe dog is happily munching away on a chewy bone so that should keep her satisfied for a while so I can sit here and decompress. I'm going to blog. I'm going to visit my Favorite Coffee Stops. And then I'm going to play my Rainbow Web game until I'm ready for bed. No more TV. I'm sick of TV. I could live without TV for the rest of my life. Did I ever tell you that we didn't have TV in our home for the first 12 years of our daughter's life? It was bliss, too. We'd borrow a television set from my parents for Thanksgiving and keep it thru Christmas so the kids could see all the holiday shows. We rented tons of videos. Mostly old classic movies for Dear Hubby and me, which are our favorites. And also good family movies as well that the kids could enjoy along with us.

See this stroller photo? This is almost identical to the one that I have, also made by Graco. My neighbor Sharon's daughter Sandy was kind enough to loan hers out to me now that she no longer has use for it and the boys and I have sure been enjoying it. Each day I'm going a little further and I'm hoping by one day next week I'll be able to make it as far as the library and back, around 5 miles round-trip, I think it is. Today got up close to 90 so I took the boys out for a lovely walk around 11:30 while it was still relatively cool. We strolled up streets and down, in and out of the shade, enjoying all the beautiful flowers along the way. As we travelled along a busy boulevard on the way home, my usually vocal Dylan was awfully quiet. Even as two Harley Davidson motorcycles passed by, not a peep came out of the front seat where he perches like Big Bird and comments on everything he sees. Today he had the sun shade up over his head, tho. So when no noises came from him I stopped the stroller and peered around the sun shade to see why he was so quiet. Well, duh, Grandma! He was sound asleep! And I do mean sound! He was totally relaxed, his head lolling down on his shoulder. Oh, brother. I hadn't wanted him doing that! He'd been one busy boy all morning and I was looking forward to his nap. Yearning for his nap! And we were about 6 blocks from home. As we rolled up to our front steps I took Cooper in first, then came back and unhooked Dylan from his seat belt. He staggered up the steps and into the house, veering into the bedroom where, with some help from Grandma, he climbed up on to the bed. Lights out. He slept for 2 1/2 hours, then stumbled out into the living room where he climbed up onto my lap where I sat in the rocker and slept another half hour. Cooper, too. I even managed to stretch out on the couch next to Chloe dog and snooze a bit, too. It was wonderful!!!

Men are such nincompoops. Not all of them but it sure seems like my daughter and her friends have found their share of them. The other day Kaitlin and I were talking and she told me a friend of hers from work had been trying to hook her up with a guy who was a friend of hers. He and Kaitlin were talking on the phone a few nites ago and their conversation got around to relationships. She told him she hadn't had a serious relationship with a guy in a long time. So what does this man say to her? He has the audacity to ask her if it was by choice or if she was ugly!! She was so taken aback by that but the girl is one fast thinker! She told him: "A: It's none of your business! And B: I can see why you're still single!" And she HUNG UP on him!!!! Hahahaha! You gotta love that girl!

I had a good moment on Wednesday. As I was pushing the boys' stroller down a street I happened to look over into a yard where I could hear a dad and a couple of his little kids talking. I made eye contact with him and we smiled at each other and said hello. As I passed on by, his little girl asked, "Daddy, who was that?" and he replied, "A mom walking her babies in their stroller." I began to laugh and I tossed back over my shoulder, "More like a Grandma walking her grandbabies....but thanks!" That made him laugh, too. I mean, really...with my silvery white hair and glasses?! But then women are having babies at older and older ages all the time. My advice, tho, to you over-50's out there thinking about having one now? Ummm....think very, very hard! Truly, it's a hoot taking care of Dylan and Cooper but everything I do now was so much easier 30 years ago when my two were these ages. Getting up off the floor. Chasing after a two-year-old who's running away from you outside thinking you're playing a game when you're trying to catch him before he runs out into the street. Lifting a 45-pound body. Pushing 60 pounds in a double stroller. Soothing a teething baby. It takes its toll. But, oh...the sweetness of that little teething baby finally giving in to sleep and snuggling against your shoulder. The un-asked for hugs and pats and kisses from a darling little two-year-old. It has its perks, too.

As I took Chloe dog out for her potty walk around 5:30 yesterday morning I noticed my neighbor at the end of our street stooped over the flowers along his front walk and as I approached him I asked, "What are you doing?" and he told me, "Counting my flowers." I must've looked at him like he might be even a little crazier than I am because he smiled a little sheepishly and said, "Someone's been stealing them." "Stealing them?!" "Yup," he told me. "Every morning I come out and a few more are gone." I said, "I can believe it. A few years back I had a rather unique ceramic frog planter out on my front steps with a jade plant in it and someone decided to help themselves to that." What is with people? I must say I wasn't surprised when I passed by there this morning and in chalk on the sidewalk was written this

Attention Tweakers and Trolls!

No more stealing my flowers!

Buy your own!

He should set up a video camera. A couple years ago Dylan and I passed a flowerbed full of beautiful tulips and there was a sign smack-dab in the middle of it: "Don't pick my flowers! You're being videotaped!" Even Sharon has seen people come along and help themselves to the roses all along her front fence and arbor. My Filipino neighbor Mina comes over every now and then and asks me if she can cut some of my flowers for the Virgin Mary and I tell her to take whatever she wants. At least she has the couth to ask. Good grief.

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