Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home Today

We have some little kids down the street who've been 'beautifying' our neighborhood street with chalk art. Nothing fancy, mind you...the oldest is around 9, the youngest is 3. But every morning as I go out to walk Chloe dog I look to see what else has been added or subtracted since the day before. The last few days it's been endless pathways of squares. There've been flowers and "I love Mom". Circles. Hopscotch. Suns. Clouds. Busy little minds, busy little hands, creating. I love it. It's been many years since our street rang out with the voices and laughter of children. It's a nice sound to have around again, something I'm realizing I missed a lot, now that I'm hearing it.

Thank you to those who wished me get well thoughts. I ended up at my doctor's office early this afternoon and it was as I'd suspected. My bladder infection is back with a vengeance. So I'm back on antibiotics for the next week and then I have to go back and get checked again. At this point I'll do anything to feel better! I'm running a fever and feel just yucky, but I should be feeling better tomorrow. I didn't have the boys today, either, but they'll be coming back tomorrow. I'm ready for them. I've missed them. And it's only one day because it's Friday. Right? Tomorrow is Friday? I've lost count.

My neighbor Sharon was outside as I pulled up in front of our houses. She's a medical assistant/nurse/ a nurse a nurse anymore? Anyway, she's worked in OB/GYN and also had a hysterectomy. She told me it takes our bodies a while to adjust to all the inner changes that happen so drastically when we go into instant menopause, once all of Lady Land is gone. I just want it all done with. And that was my rant for the day.

Dear Hubby was here when I came back from the doctor's, too. All tanned and handsome and such a nice sight for sore eyes! Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder. Tho Chloe dog's done a fine job of snuggling close under the covers to keep me more warm than I need to be, considering I've been feverish. Since her latest haircut, where I told them to skin her to her birthday suit, the poor pooch has been freezing. The end of July and she spends the first half of every day wearing a sweater, ha! Well, she's midlife, too, in doggy years, and minus all her Lady Land components so there's reason enough to have her internal thermometer all out of whack as well. Us two old ladies are quite the pair. The impaired pair. And she can get awfully grumpy, too.


Mrs. Parks said...

Oh Mannnnn, I am so sorry, UTI's are the worst.
At least you have pretty streets and a warm dog to make you smile, hang in there :)

Karen said...

I'm sorry to hear this, Kris. If you've read my email of this morning, you know I am just now reading your blog and getting the update on how you are feeling. So sorry that bummer of an infection is back! Drink LOTS of water, now! I am glad dear hubby is back in town to tend to you, at least when he is home from work!