Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hot Sunday Brain Fry

I had today's dinner more or less prepared by 9:30 this morning. No sweltering in the kitchen for me later today! I had chicken in the oven 'frying' at 7 am. Macaroni and eggs cooked for a salad and cooling. After taking Chloe dog out for a potty, I got the salad put together and in the refrigerator so it'll be nice and cold at dinner time. I make a mean macaroni salad. Everyone - or just about everyone - who's ever had some say it's either the best or one of the best they've ever eaten. My mother-in-law and a couple of my sisters-in-law have tried to duplicate it without success and I don't know why because I've recited the recipe-in-my-head and ingredients to them all in the same way. I can't give exact measurements, tho. Even I don't know those. I just keep adding and mixing until it 'looks' right or 'smells' right. I haven't had a sense of taste for 9 years now so I don't even remember what the flavor of it is like. But I make it each time strictly by memory and Dear Hubby and Kaitlin tell me it tastes the same. Not only do they eat it at meal time, they snack on it too.

I am having issues with my daughter's laptop this morning. I clicked the mouse and my entry just published! So now I'm back editing with the first paragraph still out there for view, HA! Oh well. So whoever reads that will think I'm writing about macaroni salad!

Which I was, but now it's on to other things. What, I don't know. Since I'm on the subject of food, how about if I tell you how to make the toughest cut of cheap meat tender? Marinate it in a cup of cold coffee! My dear friend Ivona told me that when we had lunch recently and I tried out her recipe for pot roast in the crockpot. Put in the roast. Douse it with the coffee. Pour an envelope of dry onion soup on it. Let it cook. It's true! Dear Hubby and my daughter have raved over the last couple of roasts I've made that way.

And how about prunes? With all the ads on TV and everywhere else, telling us to buy this product or that for our constipation and other digestive woes...what about prunes? They're a whole lot cheaper than Prilosec or anything else out there on the market. They work, too! I had a lovely friend named Leona who lived to be just past 100. I helped her out a few days a week when she lived independently, from the age of 96 to almost 99, and every morning she had a bowl of oatmeal with a prune on top of it. Obviously it didn't hurt her, did it? And...truth be told...since my hysterectomy...they don't hurt me, either. But that's TMI, isn't it? Ha! My daughter will shake her head and roll her eyes when she reads this one and say, "Oh, Moooooooooooooom!" I had to include it, tho. You'd be amazed at how many menopausal/post-hysterectomy women find me thru Google and other internet search engines. And constipation is one of the side-effects of the surgery. For a while, at least. Maybe it'll help some other poor woman!

Go read this. Portland has the reputation of being one of the most bike-friendly cities in the entire country but a lot of bad behavior on both the bicyclists' and drivers' behalf this past year especially have sure done a lot to sully that reputation. I think it's stress everywhere over everything that's fueling bad feelings in just about every avenue of life. But with my own Dear Hubby being an avid bicyclist and with his several close-calls and many rude drivers who 'flip him the bird' or cuss at him while he's riding down the street minding his own business...well, I take a personal interest in this kind of stuff. I mean, I really want my husband to arrive at work or at home in one piece, you know. Or alive!! Is that too much to ask? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh.


Lynda said...

Your macaroni salad sounds wonderful. I'd have it without a prune, though {wink}. Same with bike - no prunes before biking.

Suburbia said...

I like the sound of your macaroni salad. How about posting the recipe?

Hope you enjoyed your meal. Send us some sun too. My kitchen frys me in the summer usually but this year I have cooked without frying (mores the pity)!

Mike S said...

I can be bribed into a few bites of macaroni salad, but not one crumb of egg salad will ever pass through my lips. Pretty strange, seeing as I'll eat almost anything except that and raw bull testicles, which are actually a treat in a few places.

The Subaru driver missed his chance when the guy stood in front of his car, vrooom, vrooom, clunk, clunk,etc. Oopsie!!

The Guy Who Writes This said...

One of the reasons I moved out here from New Jersey is because cycling there was getting too dangerous.

Liz said...

Husband used to cycle to work. One day a security van pulled out in front of him making him swerve. He cycled up behind them furiously and when they stopped at the next traffic lights he thumped on their doors. It's a wonder he didn't get arrested!

rmgales said...

I would love to have your Macaroni Salad. My grandson's christening is August 24. I'm hosting a luncheon afterwards, and I'm looking for easy and cool recipes.