Monday, July 21, 2008

Macaroni Salad "Recipe"

Oh my word...I'm posting an entry! I think I'll faint! I had my two little grandsons for the entire weekend...need I say more? Dear Hubby told me after they went home yesterday, "I'm worn out just from watching YOU all weekend!" But they were darling. And they were good. I took two Wal-Mart sleeping pills and went to bed at 5 pm last nite. Slept like the dead until Dear Hubby woke me at 4 this morning. It wasn't just the boys that tired me out...I'm used to Dylan's busyness...but I was fighting a nasty bladder infection all last week and the antibiotics for those always make me really queasy. Just ask Dear Hubby! I get carsick from them, seriously.

Anyway. Enough about that. I have had several commenters and emailers asking me for my macaroni salad recipe. I'm going to attempt to write it out for you here. I say that because it's all in my head and I don't go by any given recipe...I go by sight and smell. My daughter or Dear Hubby do the taste testing for me since I have no sense of taste.'s not even in any particular recipe form. I'll just write it out as I'm "preparing" it in my head:

Macaroni Salad ala MissKris

1 pkg. salad macaroni - 12 oz, I think - or small elbow macaroni if salad macaroni isn't available. I cook it according to package directions, then drain it in a colander and rinse it with cold water until the macaroni is cold to the touch. I boil 4 large eggs until hardboiled, then rinse them off until they're cold...or make them the nite before and store in the fridge. I put the macaroni in a big bowl...I think the key to a good salad is to have plenty of room to mix the ingredients together very thoroughly. I chop up the eggs into fairly small chunks and mix them in with the macaroni. Then I salt and pepper it all - can't really say how much, just until I know it's "right". I then take 4 dill pickles and chop them up fine on my chopping board, then dump them in with the macaroni and eggs. Mix them together well. Then I finely dice between 1/4-1/3 cup of yellow onion, dicing it up in the pickle juice left on the chopping board and mix that into the bowl very thoroughly. I never ever use mayonnaise! I use Miracle Whip Light. I have no 'given' amount of that, either. I start out with one heaping mixing spoon of it and mix it in thoroughly with all the ingredients. Then I just add and mix more until it 'looks' right, which is just a little on the creamy side because the macaroni, as it 'mellows' in the refrigerator, absorbs a lot of the Miracle Whip. Now it's ready for the taste test. Sometimes it's fine...sometimes it might need a little more pepper or pickle. Maybe even a little more Miracle Whip. Then it's all mixed again very thoroughly, I cover the bowl with saran wrap, and stick it in the fridge. I usually make it a day ahead of when I plan on serving it, or very early in the morning on the serving day. I don't know why it seems to popular, it's so simple, but if I have any 'secret' to it, it's the thorough mixing and serving it well-chilled.

And that's it.

So....hopefully you'll have better luck than my mom-in-law and sisters-in-law have had making it. And, honestly, this is exactly the way I make it. Every time.


Bridget Locke said...

And as her daughter, I'll give you an idea of how you want it to taste (since she can't).

It's supposed to have a bit of a zing to it. You should be able to taste the flavoring of the pickles and onions w/o having them overwhelm you. Make sure you've got the right balance of salt/pepper.

It's supposed to be a creamy texture w/o looking like the noodles are going for a swim.

And if you make it correctly? It's seriously to die for.

PS. Ask her for her potato salad recipe. That one's a killer too. :)

Jane Doh ! said...

I had never tried macaroni salad until I came here to the good old US of A. I love the stuff. Tom bought some home ready made the other day ( he is dangerous at the store alone on a hungry tummy ) and it was the most tasteless salad I have ever eaten. I am going to give this a try for sure. It sounds delicious!!!!

Thanks Kris.

Jane Doh ! said...

Oh and I just went to check on Tom, he is in bed watching TV and he asked what we had to snack on. I said "are you joking piggy wiggs?!!!!!!! " He had never heard that one before...haha!'s getting close to midnight and I'm still full from dinner, he should be too. :)-

Anonymous said...

Funny, your recipe for Macaroni Salad is identical to my mil recipe for potato salad...just replace the macaroni with potatoes. She ALWAYS used Miracle Whip...that and the dill pickles was the secret. We always loved it. Thanks for sharing your recipe!! And yes, now I am curious as to how you make potato salad!!

Lynda said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful - thank you!

Judy said...

That's exactly how my mom made potato salad!


Suburbia said...

Fantastic recipe! I just love it when you can do something so well that you don't have to measure it all out!

Loretta said...

I fix Kidney Bean salad the same way. I usually fix four cans (rinsed) at a time, and add the other stuff untill it looks right! I sometime will add cheese. Let set overnight and everyone loves it.