Friday, July 4, 2008

My Furry Best Friend

This is not my Chloe dog but it could be her twin. This is a Lhasa puppy photo I snagged off the internet. I'm using my daughter's laptop at the moment because I managed to 'strain' something inside while taking care of the grandbabies yesterday and it's too uncomfortable to sit on my wooden desk chair, even with a cushion. So...I can't scan and post a photo of Chloe at the moment. Truth be told, even if I could sit at my desk right now, I'm much too lazy to bother scanning. It feels just that good to sit down and not have to do anything for anybody at the moment.

I dunno why I feel compelled to write about my Chloe dog this evening. Maybe because she's one of my dearest little friends in the whole wide world. Certainly my most devoted friend. While I was recuperating for the two months after my surgery, before I began caring for my grandsons, she rarely ever left my side. She'd lie here on the couch next to me or perch on the back of the sofa with her chin resting on my shoulder while I either read or worked on the laptop here. No matter where I went in the house, she was my shadow. Even if I'd go in to the bathroom, she'd come and lie on the bath mat until I was done in there. Even now, she follows me in, makes sure I'm ok, and will then wander out again. When I shower in the morning, she hops up on our bed and waits for me to come out. There's nothing in this world like the love a dog has for his or her master.

Maybe with it being the 4th of July and knowing how badly the fireworks freak her out, I've been thinking about how to keep her calm all day. She's been slipping away whenever it gets particularly noisy and trots down to the bottom step of the stairwell to the basement. She just stands there, then "woofs" at us when she wants to come back up. She won't walk back up the stairs...we have to go 'rescue' her. Tonite at bedtime we're giving her a sedative, then we'll close the bedroom window and have the fan going to block out some of the noise. We have quite a few 'patriots' on our street who get carried away on the 4th so we're expecting fireworks to be going off until the wee hours of the morning.

On the 4th of July I always think of the dog some friends of ours used to have, especially when the news broadcasts admonish us to be careful for our pets. Dave and Pam and their children had gone off to a fireworks display and left their dog chained up in the back yard. Never in a million years did they dream he'd try to jump over their cyclone fence while they were away. Can you imagine their horror when they came home later that nite and found him dead?! He'd tried to get away from all the noise by jumping the fence and ended up hanging himself! So...if you do have a dog...please be especially mindful of them this evening and take good care of them.

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