Saturday, July 12, 2008


This is me this morning. Outside of the fact I'm sitting on the couch, not at my desk. And my hair is silvery white. And I have glasses on, little good that they do me at times. And I am majorly...majorly...if there is such a word...(there is - I just found it on of it. My little Chloe dog is driving me insane. She's got this inner time clock that tells her, around 2 am every morning, it's time to scratch. And I do mean scratch!!! The whole bed jiggles with her efforts. When she's finally done, she sniffs and snorts and then - BOOM! - she hits the wood floor and off she goes to get a drink after she's inhaled who knows how much fur. There are little puff balls of chewed-off fur all over our house. Even up on the curtains in our bedroom. Then, when her thirst is quenched, she pads back in to our room. She's not as agile as she used to be and she won't jump up on the bed if a body happens to be in the way, namely Dear Hubby's. At first she doesn't make any noise but you can sense her waiting there expectantly. Somewhat patiently. Then, if Dear Hubby or I don't get up to scoop her back on to the bed, she starts off with a quiet little 'woof'. Another 'woof' if that one doesn't get results. Then it's on to a deep-throated growl. And, finally, a sharp yip. Usually it's me who climbs out of bed, goes around the foot of the bed to Dear Hubby's side, picks her up, and not-so-ceremoniously dumps her on top of the blankets. A little more scratching, a few big huffy sighs, and she settles back in to sleep. Which leaves me where? Awake. *Sigh* At this age, at this time in life, it's hard enough getting asleep let alone staying asleep. Once it's disrupted...well, let's just say I spend a lot of time in prayer. Which is what I always do when I can't sleep.

A few weeks ago a friend came over to visit our next door neighbors. I don't know if something was said by our neighbor Dee or how this all transpired, but the friend took pruning shears and went to town on a big camellia bush by their front porch. And when I say went to town, I mean went to town! She absolutely butchered it. Oh dear. Well, of course it'll grow back. But it sure is ugly right now. Dee is very easy going...not a problem with her, this ugly bushwhacked bush. But her husband Sonny was absolutely livid! He was out there fussing and fuming and cussing a blue streak. And he told his wife, "Because she did that, I am NOT mowing the lawn the rest of the summer!" One thing about Sonny, he stays true to his word. What is said by him is never an idle threat. So his front lawn has become a sea of dandelions. His 13-year-old grandson came over and mowed it a few weeks ago but I noticed last nite the new crop of dandelions were about knee-high. This morning, one of his sons-in-law was out there mowing. While Sonny sat on the porch drinking his coffee. Doing his crossword puzzle. Hmmmmmm. Maybe Sonny is on to something here.

As I was walking Chloe this morning I went past the house of my son's childhood best friend's parents. We've always been very friendly with Bev and Paul but our paths don't cross too often, tho our son and theirs remain very good friends even now. I heard a voice call out, "Hi, there!" and I turned to see Bev walking down her driveway towards me so Chloe and I stopped to have a nice chat. She informed me they just found out their daughter is pregnant with their first grandchild, due some time in February. I was so thrilled for her! Her daughter is the same age as my son and they've known each other since Kindergarten. My son has become friends with her husband, a Portland police officer, and he's even gone on ride-alongs with him. With both her kids fast approaching 30, Bev had almost given up on hoping she'd ever have any grandbabies. But,'s just neither one of her kids has been in any hurry. She's going to love being a grandma.

Dear Hubby's busy with church obligations this morning. He's hoping to be home sometime after 12:30. It's supposed to get up to 96 today, or thereabouts. Dear Hubby had asked me earlier in the week if I'd like to ride along with him when he goes to a new archery range near Carlton, Oregon, this afternoon and I told him that sounded just fine. Our son called this morning asking to talk to me and Dear Hubby told him, "Well, she's around but she's not taking care of the kids today!" Dear Hubby kind of likes my company sometimes, too. Good thing it was him saying no...I have a hard time saying it when it comes to the grandbabies.

And so it goes. Another day in my neighborhood. Nothing exciting. Just life passing by outside my window. A beautiful breeze rustling the leaves of the Japanese privet. Windchimes singing. Birds flocking to the feeders and the bird bath. Everything is well in my world.

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Jane Doh ! said...

Well Krissy....have a wonderful afternoon at the new archery range with dear hubby.

Just boring housework here, been a long week. Toms BIL died Tuesday morning so he has been helping his sister out a lot. We all went to say goodbye to him, even Jack.

Talk to you soon.