Sunday, August 17, 2008

A couple of you have the answers?

Here's one I'll supply the answer to at the end of my post. Considering I'm a total "lefty", which American presidents were left-handed, hmmmmm?

OK. Here's my dilemma. Someone wants my blog address. Someone rather insistently and persistently wants my blog address. Someone I like just fine...but basically one of those ''on the surface'' kind of friends. Someone whose feelings I would never want to hurt intentionally. But still someone who I don't want to give it to. How do I deal with this diplomatically??? And it's my own dumb fault, anyway, since we'd had a long-overdue 'catch-up' email a while back and I happened to mention how much I'm enjoying blogging. Talk about opening my mouth and inserting my foot. **SIGH**

This one is a personal question for one of my readers. I'd asked once before quite a while ago if she'd send me her email address and I don't know if she didn't see it or if she's chosen to remain somewhat 'anonymous'. But I'm asking again because sometimes she leaves comments I'd like to comment to her about and I really enjoy reading everything she has to say. So, Greta...if you read this, please send me your email address if you feel comfortable doing so. Just mark it "Greta" in the subject line so I know it's from you. If I don't get one from you sometime this week, I'll just figure you'd rather still remain a little bit 'anonymous' and that's ok with me. I understand.

How much is too much and how much is not enough? My daughter sometimes says I put too much 'personal stuff' information out there. Do you think so? I don't know how many other women in cyberspace face the same problem that I have...losing your mother long before you go in to menopause and not having any older maternal relatives in direct line to 'compare notes' with as to what to expect. My mother was an only child and I am not the matriarch of my family at the age of 54. I have 3 brothers. No help there, obviously. My cousin Ginger is my mom's first cousin but her maternal line comes from my mother's paternal line and I've always been under the assumption my "female" genetics come more from my mother's maternal line. Am I right? Wrong? My dad's only sister has been dead for several years and she was adopted, anyway. So I have absolutely no help from female relatives that I can turn to. And so I plug along on my own. I know I've said in my profile I want to be as open and honest about what I'm going thru with my own menopause and midlife issues to help other women know they're not 'alone'. That is why I just lay it all out there, good or bad.

That's it. And here's the answer to the first question. Did you guess any of these:

James Garfield

Herbert Hoover

Harry Truman

Gerald Ford

Ronald Reagan

George Bush

Bill Clinton

I'd thought I'd read somewhere that George W. Bush is a lefty, too. Does anyone know? And 5 of these presidents have been amongst the past 11! Was Kennedy a lefty too? I think I'd heard he was ambidextrous. Anyone know about him?


Judy said...

I'm a lefty, and I don't want to be president.

I'm also very right brained. Are the two related?

old_black said...

"...My daughter sometimes says I put too much 'personal stuff' information out there...."
I reckon that in many ways blog-based interactions are not too different from face-to-face interactions. In both cases you can never be completely certain about what is really behind what someone is saying - whether they're being honest with you. But in both cases you only get back what you put out. If you don't reveal yourself on line, then other people won't be honest and open back to you.

Of course, on the web it's like conducting a relationship on a stage in front of a darkened audience. As long as they stay quiet in the dark it doesn't matter, but if they use what you've revealed against you, it can be painful.

But maybe it's a risk worth taking.

Suburbia said...

I think you should blog about whatever you want to providing you are not hurting anyone. It's your diary after all.

Anonymous said... idea about leftys.

As to giving out your blog addy...I would just tell her it was my principle to never give it out to folks I saw in my real life. Not that this is not your real life...but you know, we are safe cause we are mostly far away, not related and could not foul up your life there in Oregon!! Maybe say you use us as your sounding board, and then you like to only use some of that with your friends you actually spend time with, etc. Maybe tell her we are all so nutty we might drive her up the wall...heehee...blame it on us!!