Saturday, August 2, 2008

Feelin' YUCKY!

Once upon a time, I dreamt I'd feel wonderful after having my hysterectomy. Everyone I know who's had one has told me that. Well. I agree in some ways. I no longer feel like the lower half of my belly weighs 50 pounds or is full of soggy, boggy sponges. The amount of energy I have is much higher, and I rebound much quicker when I do get tired. But these bladder infections...oh, my. I don't know if they're a result of the hysterectomy, for some crazy reason, or if I'm just being plagued with another fun malady. One thing I do know -- I feel crummy! I somehow managed to take care of my grandbabies yesterday, but it wasn't long after they were out the door that I crawled in to bed and pulled a pillow over my head and told Dear Hubby, "I can't do another thing today." My doctor had told me my urine was just full of pus -- I know, I know, TMI, right? But I told you when I write about menopausal issues, I'm going to be honest. He prescribed some antibiotics I take 4 times a day that pack a wallop and almost as soon as I take one, I am sooooooooooo nauseated and plagued with...ummmmm...the trots. What a fun day it was yesterday! My son had asked Thursday evening if I felt I'd be capable of caring for the boys yesterday and I'd very blithely said, "Sure!" I'd cared for them a few weeks before, with my other antibiotic. But I had no idea this batch was going to make me feel like I had the Flu from...well...somewhere not very nice! I woke up before 7 this morning and went and bought the groceries and took Chloe dog for a walk before taking my medicine. That was a couple of hours ago and I am back to the nausea and the...trots...and I'm not doing another thing today, either. Well, outside of laundry. I've got a turkey roast in the oven that will be coming out soon and I've got turkey/tomato/lettuce/bacon sandwiches planned for dinner on Hoagie rolls. With Lays potato chips. For those who want to eat, anyway. Food just doesn't appeal to me in the least at the moment. But I'm guzzling water like someone dying of thirst in a desert who's stumbled across an oasis! Oh, I hope this is the end of it all! I have to go see Dr. S next week again to see how I'm doing and I'm wanting so badly to hear, "All clear!"

As crummy as I felt yesterday, my heart just went out to my grandson Dylan. A friend of the kids' had spent the day at their house taking care of him and Cooper and she'd let him run around the back yard barefoot. When my daughter-in-law dropped him off yesterday morning, he was hobbling around as we walked in to the house and she told me he had sore feet. Once she left, he sat down on the floor and grabbed one of his feet and began to howl. No wonder. That poor boy's feet were just covered with bark dust slivers! From toe to heel. And I do mean covered! I got a pair of tweezers and got as many of them out of his feet that he'd allow me to get without causing permanent mental trauma to the kid. I talked him in to letting me slather his feet with Zinc Oxide ointment and put socks on his feet, then re-slathered them periodically thruout the day, pulling a few more out each time. The ointment must've eased the pain because he was doing much better as the day went on, but he spent most of his day sitting on the floor playing or on the couch or in the rocker with me watching "Super Why." I know how miserable it is to have one or two of those slivers in a foot or finger...I can't imagine how miserable he was with dozens! I sent the tweezers and Zinc Oxide home with my daughter-in-law and my son was going to try to get the rest of them out over the weekend.

And poor Chloe dog...she ended up having two more of her 'quivery' seizures yesterday. Once while she snuggled next to Dylan and me in the rocker and another while she was sitting on the bathroom floor watching Dear Hubby shave last nite. The vet had said he hesitates to give anti-seizure medication out because it cuts back so much on a dog's length of life. Since he hadn't witnessed one, he wasn't sure if it's actually a seizure or just her nervous system reacting to stress. She's such a funny, high-strung little dog it doesn't take much to get her stressed out. The 'seizures' don't seem to impair her much, outside of uncontrollable shaking and some deep 'woof'-ing that she does, like she's not catching her breath just right. Maybe it's a doggy version of a panic attack?? I've had those years ago in my life time and they're're sure you're dying in the midst of one. Oh well...we'll keep our eye on her and see if they come with more frequency. Maybe she needs tranquilizers...with all the activity around our house during the day, maybe she's getting too old to cope with it! Some days I wonder about me!

When I was waiting in the exam room for Dr. S to come in on Thursday, I spotted the August issue of Redbook magazine sitting on a table so I picked it up and started looking thru it. What do you know, an article about bloggging! Featuring 6 different bloggers, I think it was. One of them featured was this one and another one was this one...I didn't have a pen with me so these are the only two whose names I remembered. Oh, and "CityMama"...she's been around a long time and I think she originated here in Portland but moved to San Francisco or something?? I've read hers a few times but it was a long time ago. Don't you wonder how magazine editors find the people they feature in articles? I know "CityMama" is one of those uber-popular blogs that resonate with a lot of other moms-of-little-children out there so I can understand her inclusion in it. But the other two, which I went and browsed thru, while good and interesting, aren't what I'd consider mega blogs. Just like I don't consider mine a mega blog...I'm just a middle aged menopausal free soul who's mucking her way thru each day, ha! What makes a mega blog, in your opinion? What draws you back again and again and again? I live in a very liberal state in an extremely liberal city and when I browse thru "ORblogs", which features Oregon bloggers, I find my mindset, my moral standing, and the spiritual standards I live by are a long, long way from what most of my other fellow bloggers think. But, you know, so what? That's what makes humankind so fascinating, we're each so uniquely different. If I were to base my reading solely on what I believe, my world would be terribly narrow and confined. I can't live that way...never have been able to. I like someone's style, the way their mind works, and even if they're a grass-eating, tree-hugging, yert-dwelling free spirit, I read their blog. Because, in all honesty, somewhere inside this silvery-haired grandma with eyeglasses, a free spirit dwells, too.
In the most important way being 'free' matters.


Anonymous said...

Visit to watch the HERS Foundation's "Female Anatomy" video to learn what women consistently report after hysterectomy.

It's your right to know,


Judy said...

Oh. Poor Dylan's little feet!

I too like to read a variety of blogs. Even if I do not always agree with someone (who does?) and even if I never agree with someone. I just like to know what makes people tick. I cannot think of anything more important than understanding the people we share this world with.

Please take care of yourself. I hope that medication does the trick and you are dancing with the grandsons again really soon!

Stefania/CityMama said...

I dont know how they pick the bloggers, either! ;-) I was very surprised to get the email.

I miss Portland so much I can't even stand it. We spent a magical 16mo there.

Anonymous said...

I am SO sorry you are suffering so much with the bladder issue. You know, one of my lady doctors (she was just a general MD) told me that if my daughters and I would ONLY take showers and use NO soap on that region...we would no longer have to worry about bladder infections. Worked for us. I wonder too, do you think you may have some kind of an imbalance with your ph? You can get those ph papers to test yourself with at home. Then get online for lists of foods to eat that would help change it. With all the antibiotics you have had, I wonder if maybe you are not suffering with yeast overgrowth...helps to take some live bacteria, like the best yogurt has...or it can be gotten at a health food store too in pill form (has to be refrigerated). You kind of have to do the research yourself we have found...seems doctors if they know this practical stuff are too busy to give it out. BLessings and I hope you feel totally well soon!!