Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday's Fried Brain

If you haven't noticed yet...which I'm sure you have...I haven't really blogged this week. I don't consider posting a poem of mine that's 20 years old 'blogging'. I call that desperation to put something on here because my mind has been too weary to dream up anything new and even remotely interesting. The commenter who once remarked on why I even bother writing about my "boring and paltry life"...well, this entry tonite would probably rate right up there on their assumption of my blog, eh? It's 100 degrees here in Portland was 102 yesterday, I think. And tomorrow is supposed to be 100 as well. Then a drop into the 90s on Sunday. And 73 on Monday?? Somewhere in the 70s, thank the good Lord. I do not do well in this kind of weather at all. At least the humidity has been in the 20% - 30% level. That's the only thing that's kept me from melting into a puddle. Yuck.

Ha! And here you saw my chipper little bees saying "Hello" and thought this was going to be all upbeat and happy, right? In some respects yes because little Cooper has learned how to roll over AND to creep this week and there's no holding him back now! I seriously need to download some pictures on here again. Maybe someday. At the rate I'm going lately, it'll be photos of his and Dylan's weddings! My blog friend Judy puts me to shame. She puts the most adorable photos and little snippets of video of her grandbabies on her site almost daily. I dunno where she finds the time to do it. Or energy. But I'm glad she does because they're lovely!

A feral mama cat in our neighborhood who breeds and has litters of kittens almost as soon as she's done weaning her last batch recently gave birth to another litter. 6 this time!! And she has them stashed under the big lavendar plant next to my front porch steps. Not thinking too clearly, I brought them to Dylan's attention and now he's wanting to go out and see the baby kitties every 5 minutes. He stands on the top step and peers down at them thru the lavendar. I wouldn't dream of letting him touch them. As it is with all her babies, they're sickly and have some kind of eye disease. I'm not sure all of them are surviving this heat, either, because one or two looked pretty frail even before it got hot. My neighbors Sharon and Alex and I have tried to trap the mama cat in the past to take her to the Humane Society but she's much too smart for us. We do round up as many of the kittens as we can and Sharon takes them to some kind of non-profit place that readies feral kittens for adoption. But 6 of them...oh my.

I'm still fighting my bladder infection. I think this is Week 5 now?? I've lost count. Between the 24 hour diarrhea and the nausea I am not doing so hot. Dear Hubby's been getting very concerned because he can tell I'm dragging. He told me he'd try to get off a little early today to come home and help me and, a man true to his word, he did. I was outside cleaning out our little kiddy pool at 5 am this morning, getting it ready for Dylan and Cooper, so when Dear Hubby got home we took the babies out there and let them play for most of the afternoon in the shade, cooling off our own feet in the water and letting Dylan splash us over and over again. That perked me up a bit. One more week of this awful, awful medication. I get the dreads every time I take them. My daughter's been getting concerned too and told me she was talking to a co-worker the other day who had a hysterectomy 10 years ago, I think it was. She told my daughter she suffered from horrible bladder infections for the first year, even urinating blood. My neighbor Sharon told me it takes everyone a different amount of time to heal...our bodies are going thru some pretty drastic changes. She's a nurse...she ought to know. At least that gives me some hope because everyone I know who's had a hysterectomy has told me I'll feel better now than I have for years. I'm still waiting.

Oh, blechhhhhh! I really shouldn't write when I'm in this kind of mood but I need some down time really, really, really badly. When my son called at 5:1o this morning to let me know my daughter-in-law was on her way because she had to start early and I didn't respond too enthusiastically, he asked, "What's wrong?" I told him, "Outside of feeling lousey and being totally exhausted, I'm just fine." He said, "Oh, I was going to ask you if you'd baby sit this weekend." And I told him, "Don't even THINK about it!" "Haha, just kidding!" he tells me. Haha...was he really?


Loretta said...

I really feel for you. I've only had a bladder infection one time in my life and I never want another one!!

My daughter is having a hysterectomy the 8th of Sept. I know it has to be done but I am really worried about it. Everyone talks like its easy as pie, but it is major surgery and things can and do happen.

Hope the weather breaks soon, this summer has been really bad here. Take care.

Greta said...

Telling us like it is makes you REAL. Hope you are soon through this yucky stuff!