Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm sooooooooooo tired...I haven't slept a wink. I'm sooooo tired, my mind is on the blink. Remember THAT song??

Honestly, this has been a long, long week. Did I say long? Between my infant grandson who is teething and taking only half-hour cat naps here and there and military helicopters flying over on urban fighting missions where it sounds like the whole city of Portland is being invaded - especially when you live right in the flight path like we do - it's been one. long. week. The helicopters fly so low you can actually see the features of the guys riding in them, ha! And yesterday's went over right after I'd gotten Dylan asleep. So much for his naptime. The babies arrived at 5:45 yesterday morning and didn't leave until almost 5:15 last evening so a half hour nap didn't go very far. Poor Dylan was so tired by the time our son picked him up he was bouncing off furniture and going in circles. I told my son to bear with him if he got to being pretty cranky last nite once they got home. He was whipped. So was Grandma. I think I was in bed by 7 pm. But my eyes popped wide open at 4:30 so up I got. It's just past 11 now and I've already got my grocery shopping done, some jungle-worthy overgrowth chopped back along the side of the house where the poor meter reader had to practically take a machete to get thru it the other day, and I've got the dishes done and laundry going. Chloe dog is growling for another walk but she's just going to have to wait.

Remember the "We've moved to 51th and Powell" sign I posted a few weeks ago? I noticed yesterday it's been corrected to read "51st" now. I wonder if someone read my blog and brought it to their attention, ha! By my Feedjit, I see I'm getting more and more readers from Portland. I saw another sign today and I kid you not...this is how it was spelled out:

Do not take any wood or scraps!

Vialators caught takeing it

will be prosacuted!

Oh my.

I wonder what kind of grades that person got in Spelling!

So McCain has picked a woman as his running mate. This is going to be one interesting election.

I bought toilet tissue today for $7.49 for a 12-roll double-sized package. It was $4.99 only a month or so ago. And they don't hardly make Sears or Spiegel catalogs anymore for us to use like in the out house days. When it gets up to $12, how are we going to afford that?! Better make sure you don't have poison oak or ivy in your yard...we may be resorting to leaves again one of these days.

I walked over to the library Thursday with the boys in the double stroller. That's a long walk when you're pushing something like 70 pounds of weight, taking in to consideration both boys are constantly growing. On the way back, instead of walking along the busy boulevard we walk along when we go to the library, I decided to take the 'scenic' route...quieter streets with parks and houses and much less traffic. As we approached one of the streets I needed to cross to continue on our way, a bicyclist got there to the intersection the same time we did, only to find a city street crew had oiled the pavement in preparation for tarring it and we weren't allowed to walk across it. The bicyclist went ballistic! "You mean I have to detour all the way that way or all the way that way?!" he asked, pointing in different directions. When one of the worker guys told him yes, he started spouting off the "F" word and various other ones, and another worker told him, "Dude, don't even start with us!" Another one told him, "Hey, there's a lady here with two little kids! Shut your face!" I was beginning to think it was going to end up in an all-out brawl, but after a few more choice words and a few - ahem - gestures, the bicyclist finally went on his way. Him in one direction, us in the other. *sigh* It added on about 10 blocks to our already-long walk but it was a beautiful day and Dylan loved getting out into the traffic again and we just meandered along. There are positives for every negative, indeed.

never thought it would get here!

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The Dotterel said...

Cyclists have to take the shortest route from A to B - it's well-known. They can also be extremely rude. (I'm a cyclist; I'm allowed to say that!)