Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Play Day

It's Saturday...imagine that. And I'm home alone. Imagine that! So I've just been playing and playing and playing on here. Catching up on some visiting. That's how I found this award waiting for me at Lynda's site. Typical me. A day late and a dollar short, ha! But thank you very much, Lynda. I pass it along to all the great bloggers on my sidebar. Each one is so uniquely different and great bloggers in their own right. I can't choose 4 among them. They're all worthy. I have a couple of silly pictures below that hit my funny bone so I thought I'd pass them along, see if they give you a chuckle, too. And I love this little Friendship ditty. And I love the friends/family listed with it. They definitely do light up my life.

OK. I've been piddling away hours on here today, going from one link to another link and I'm getting bleary-eyed. Time to go read a book after I walk to Subway to buy a sandwich. I ate one yesterday, too. Too lazy to cook for just one. Dear Hubby's gone for the day, visiting family with his mom and one of his sisters. It's just me and the Chloe dog, spoiled princess that she is.

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Lynda said...

I know what you mean... sometimes you just get caught up in reading and the time slips away...