Saturday, August 2, 2008

Way WAY too much time on my hands...

But oh well. Do you know how you feel when you really, really want to write and can't find the time to do it? And it builds up. And builds up. And you feel like you're going to explode if you just can't...get it out?! Well, you're lookin' at her. And today has been a perfect day for me to let 'er rip. Dear Hubby took off around 5 this morning to go scout for elk near the coast with a friend of his so he was two hours gone by the time I got up just before 7. Our daughter had to work today, so she sleeps in on Saturdays to the last minute, allowing herself time to shower and dress and GO! So I didn't have much more contact with her than a breezy, "Bye, Mom!" as she hurried out the door. It's been me and Chloe dog all day.

I wrote a few days ago about our cell phone dying and the cryptic phone message from Dear Hubby while he was somewhere on the road between Wyoming and Baker City, Oregon, that had my daughter and myself so freaked out we did everything to locate him except hop in a car and go find him somewhere in between. Today, after work, our daughter stopped at one of our cell phone service's retail stores and 'updated' our phone. $38 spent, but that was for all the paper processing, blah, blah, blah. Our monthly bill will remain the same and that's what concerned me the most. You know how sales people will try to talk you into all kinds of useless stuff you don't need. Well, Dear Hubby and I use a cell phone so seldom that the 300 minutes of 'free' time is even too much for us...we average maybe 40 minutes per month??? Probably less. I'm home 99% of the time. I use it for quick calls to the kids, which are long distance, and to my younger brother once every month or two. Also long distance. Dear Hubby calls his mom every Sunday. Big phone talkers we aren't, wouldn't you say? We certainly don't fit in to this always-gotta-be-connected generation. Anyway. Another thing this phone has is a camera. A camera! To think I can point my phone - one I will rarely have with me - and take a photograph! Or a videograph. Or whatever the techie name for them are. Is. Whatever. But, what I would've given to have had that phone-with-a-camera with me this morning as I was coming home from Fred Meyer! The most darling little old lady...and this time I mean truly old...walking down a busy boulevard in her pajamas and fuzzy slippers. With one of those 3/4 length cotton bath robes my mom always referred to as a "house coat" on. A big straw hat on her head with a white silk scarf ever-so-jauntily tied beneath her chin and her plastic shopping bag tucked on her arm. Do people get turned away from coming in to stores with their pajamas on?! You know...the "No Shoes - No Shirt - No Service" signs? Or was everyone who saw her as amazed as I was that she was still able to walk on her own power to the store? I would've met her at the door and ushered her in! Given her a free cup of coffee and a donut, too.

Does this bug you like it bugs me? I went to visit one of my bloggy friend's blogs and read an interesting comment by someone so I clicked to go check out the person's blog. Only to find it was one of those "invitation only" ones. Why does that bug me so much? I take it almost like a personal insult, even tho I know it isn't. It also makes me feel like a...criminal...or something, like they think I'm going to be some kind of bloggy stalker or creep coming to 'lurk' in the shadows. Let me tell you something. I really rarely ever lurk. If I'm coming to visit, I'm coming to say something. 99% of the time, anyway...sometime, on weekdays when the grandbabies are due any minute, I sometimes pop in and pop out without saying something because I honestly don't have the time. Earlier this afternoon I was taking Chloe dog for a potty walk and as I passed by the house of my son's childhood best friend, his mom Bev happened to be outside and I spotted her. I recently found out - on another Chloe dog walk - that she and her husband are going to be first-time grandparents in February so I called out, "Hello, Grandma!" - I told her she's going to have to get used to that. I don't think she'll mind it, either, because she broke out into the most giddy grin when she heard it! We stood and yakked a while and got to talking about blogging. She doesn't blog...she's intimidated by the internet...but I told her it isn't as scary as it's sometimes made out to be, as long as you're careful. We went on to talk about friendships and I was telling her how 'real' my internet friends are to me, too, and how it's such a wonderful way to meet people all over the world. I also mentioned I'm an "introverted extrovert" and she just smiled at me, like "Yeh, right!" I said, "What? You don't believe I'm introverted?" I asked this after my tongue was wagging for 45 minutes, haha! But I am. An introvert. Or an extroverted introvert. Either one works for me.

And so I think I've finally blabbered myself out. Dear Hubby wants to get online and watch some videos so I think I'll let him take over for a while. I'm reading another good book..."Olive Kitteridge" by Elizabeth Strout...and I'd better take advantage of my quiet time this evening to see if I can get a good portion of it read. I probably won't find much more 'til next weekend, the way my weeks go. And I've got a baby shower to go to next Saturday. Ah well. It'll all work out.


Dori said...

Commenting so as not to be a lurker...:D

I find myself with the opposite dilemma--simply not enough time on my hands! Composing blog entries as I'm feeding the baby, waiting for the boy to use the potty, putting in the same DVD for the umpteenth time--only to finally sit down to write and think, "Now, what was it I wanted to say?"

old_black said...

Hi! I'm new to reading your blog....we don't know each other and I live a long way away (australia). I hope it's OK to comment. Please say so if at any stage I say something that's at all offensive - I tend to be somewhat insensitive.

It seems we have a few things in common...similar age with eye-sight to match (but I'm pretending I don't *need* bifocals!), and a tendency to get up early in the morning (I get up at 3 to have a run). We also share a fondness for Elizabeth Strout - Olive Kitteridge. I've just read it & enjoyed it very much; and it's how I found your blog!

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