Monday, September 22, 2008

If you have a weak stomach or don't like things medical, skip this....

On the left is my gall stone. On the right is a large egg. No wonder I haven't felt very well for the past several months. No wonder I feel so much better with it out, eh?


Judy said...

Oh, wow.

I am IMpressed!

Really, Kris, that HAD to hurt.

So glad it is out.

(and thanks for posting the picture. too too cool!)

The Guy Who Writes This said...

You should make that sucker into a necklace.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are doing much better!! Hubby had his out years ago...had about 1,000 stones, which made him the talk of the hospital. Some of his were like grains of sand, but he had a couple of ones nearly as large as yours. I had thought McDonald's was to blame with their rotten food, etc....heehee!! And my husband had gotten an egg mcmuffin there each morning for years...he LOVED that. He no longer eats there however (their stance on certain things best left to the privacy of the home, drove him to that FINALLY)!!

He has to eat smaller meals, and stretch out the eating throughout the day now. That is one change. But probably best for his diabetes anyway.

I hope you continue to do well!!

One thing we learned years ago, when we began to deal with asthma with our children, is that the body organs are ALL related...not isolated really like we think. If one is sick, often another one is too. I am glad it was something fairly easily solved. Docs cannot always do much to help as we are learning currently with our youngest still at home. No matter what doc says to do and she does it, she is still ill a good portion if the time.

Lynda said...

Whoa! That's HUMONGOUS!

Alaine (or Lanie) said...

I'm so glad you didn't have to "pass" it on your own...although I have no idea where it would come out anyway. That thing is HUGE Kris! And they let you keep it? I couldn't even keep my wisdom tooth!

Greta said...

The Queen of all Gallstones!