Saturday, September 20, 2008

Martha, dear Martha....

Dear Martha,

So I read over at Scargosun's blog that you're having a contest on your blog, wanting us every day little peasants to link to your blog. That you're going to pick and choose which blogs you'll feature on your blog from the comments left on your blog. And then you go on and write about how we should blog. And, of course, it's the only way to blog. Because it's your way. And that's the only way things are done. In your world. Your way.

Oh, Martha.

As if I want a billionaire felon to tell me how to blog!


"Being in the public eye, I have a devoted following that wants to know more about my personal life and activities." That's a direct quote.
Do we, really? Do we really want to know more about you, Martha?

I've never bought one of your magazines. I've never read any of your books. I've never watched more than a few minutes of any of your shows and I can't remember the last time I stopped during channel surfing to 'visit' with you.

So. Sorry to disappoint you. But I won't be one of those linking to your blog so you'll come and read my blog. Because, frankly, I don't care if you do or don't. I don't think you'd really come on your own and read my blog personally anyway. I'm sure you'd send one of your assistants or associates to do something mundane like that. You can stick to the ones who have commented and linked to you. And there were plenty of those. And it's beyond me why. Are we bloggers so greedy for readers we'd do something like that just to get more viewers? No...I'd rather I get visitors because they're here to visit me. Thru my own writing merits. I won't grovel and beg and stroke your ego any more than it has been. That's not the MissKris Style.


Melissa B. said...

Amen, sister! I won't be commenting over at Martha's place, either! BTW, don't forget our Silly Sunday Sweepstakes tomorrow. Come on by and Share the Caption Love!

Greta said...

Ooo-oo!! Sparks!! Frankly, I'm not a Martha fan either. However, I do identify with the Martha of the Bible. I am sure Jesus would have similar admonitions for me. In fact, the other day I purchased a book in the resale store - "Having a Mary heart in a Martha world". I'm sure there's something I can learn.

Suburbia said...

Misskris I like your style!! I don't know this woman, coming from accross the pond, but I 'm not keen on this sort of stunt and I agree with you, are we that desperate for readers?! :)
Hope all is well with you.

Dori said...

Boo hiss on Ms. Stewart! And well done, You! I really don't want her coming over to my blog--informing me my color choices are all wrong and fixture placements off. Who needs that?!

So glad to see you back up and feisty! And thanks for the kind words and encouragement. Nice to have a fellow Do-it-yourselfer in my corner!

scargosun said...

Oh no! I hope she doesn't check my blog roll before she makes me her new protegee! He he he.