Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My brain is on overload....

Oh mercy. I have so much on my mind this morning I don't even know where to begin. I got a card in the mail from my lovely friend Mary who lives in Colorado the other day and one thing she wrote inside was: "2008 is one year you'll never forget." For those of you who've joined me recently, here's a synopsis of my life so far this year:

1. I'd been given a clean bill of health by my gynecologist at the beginning of this year, both of us thinking some major pre-cancerous issues were finally 'cured' and everything was A-OK. Then in March I suffered another big uterine hemorrhage. She came marching into the exam room after the ultrasound/biopsy reports were in and said, "We need to talk!" Long story short, the problems were back worse than ever and on April 7th I had a complete hysterectomy. Instant menopause. Oh joy.

2. On St. Patrick's Day my father-in-law passed away from complications that had beset him ever since suffering a devastating stroke on Father's Day in 1992.

3. April 2nd brought the one huge bright spot of our year so far, the birth of our second grandchild, Cooper.

4. Last Thursday I had my second major surgery this year, a gall bladder that had actually been making me very sick for a long time but didn't let me know how sick it was until it flared up big time last Wednesday. (Author's note: See photo in previous post.)

And there have been deaths and lots of serious illnesses among our family, friends, and neighbors. It seems like we finally 'digest' one bit of bad news about someone, only to have something else crop up. It has not been an easy year.

But...written out in a list like's not as bad as it could have been or could be so I am very thankful for that.

And that brings me up to today, one where I'm going to sit here on the couch and spend it reading and watching some movies I'd recorded on the DVR....the season premiere of "Without a Trace", which is our favorite show and I'd taped it last nite. Dear Hubby and I will probably watch that while we eat dinner.

I haven't written much the past few days but that isn't saying they haven't been busy. My younger brother came over on Saturday and spent a few hours visiting me, which is always a treat. My daughter took me grocery shopping on Monday...she pushed the cart and handled all the groceries as far as putting them in there and then carrying them all in the house when we got home. Me, I just shuffled along like I was 90 but I figured it would be easier to walk along beside her, letting her know what we needed, than to try and write out a grocery list with my drug-fuzzy brain right now. Instead of taking maybe 45 minutes tops like it usually does on a Saturday morning - that includes travel time to and from the store - I think we were gone for almost 2 hours. Remember Tim Conway's "Little Old Man" character from the Carol Burnett show? That was me.

Yesterday my daughter-in-law came over early and I took her out to breakfast. Ever since the arrival of both babies and with her working full time all along outside of short maternity leaves, we have had next-to-no time alone together. I'd called her on Sunday and asked her if she'd like to go out with me and she said yes, she'd really like that. So we went to a little neighborhood restaurant and spent a couple hours together just chatting and catching up without any interruptions and it was wonderful! In fact, we plan on doing it again. Which makes me very happy because I truly do love that girl like she's one of my own kids. I am very blessed. Very.

Monday was my daughter's 32nd birthday. Yesterday was my son's 30th. Both of my babies are now in their 30s. Somebody pinch me...where have the years gone?!

And we are at our latest issue. How are we going to address child care while I'm recuperating from yet another surgery?! I must admit, outside of the tenderness and bruising at the incision sites, I am feeling wonderful!!! In hindsight now I can see just how sick all that backed-up poison in my system had made me. But I will definitely not be ready to take on my very active 2 1/2 year old Dylan and almost-6-month-old Cooper. With the insane hours the kids work, it's next to impossible to find anyone to fill in for me even if I'm ill for a day or two. So...we've all been racking our brains and racking our brains. And then my daughter-in-law's mother came up with what seems to be the most workable solution. Have Dylan come and visit her for a month. At first we were all aghast at the suggestion. In fact, I don't think Dear Hubby will ever be happy about it...I don't think any of us are happy about it. But the kids have no more time to take off. I am absolutely not in any physical condition to run after him all day. And my daughter-in-law's mother hasn't had hardly any time at all since Dylan was born to spend any time with him, what with her living in Texas. And I know she's a wonderful Grandma. Before moving to Texas right after the kids got married, she was very close to her granddaughters. I know Dylan will be safe and loved. She lives on a couple of fenced acres out in the country with horses and all kinds of wild life around. Right up Dylan's alley. In this month while he'll be with her, my daughter-in-law has to attend a week-long seminar in Wisconsin so that will also ease the burden for my son, trying to transport both of the kids over here and back home every day. We are all heartsick...literally...but what to do? What to do? It will also give me a lot of extra time to get a good portion of my strength back. I'll be taking care of Cooper but an infant by himself is a piece of cake in comparison so I have no qualms about that. I'm just hoping and praying it won't be too traumatic for Dylan. But if I know my little guy, I do know he's full of adventure and is so intelligent and inquisitive this will be a wonderful opportunity for him that way. And Dear Hubby and I are not the only grandparents in the picture...U deserves a chance to get to know him, too. Not that it made any difference to Dear Hubby as I tried to explain this to him - he has a very hard time letting anyone he loves loose - but families are so widespread and mobile around this world now that it isn't unusual for grandkids or grandparents to be thousands of miles away from each other and having to travel to spend time together. Some grandkids go off and spend whole summers with grandparents! it stood yesterday...U will fly in on Sunday to spend a day or two here, then take Dylan home with her. I know I'm going to feel like part of me is missing the whole time he's gone but I just have to trust that this is what the good Lord wants done right now. He knows the whole situation much better than we do, and the way everything is falling so smoothly into place I'm sure He knows what He's doing without any of us getting in His way.

We have been plagued with fleas the past few weeks. Even tho I spent all of the previous weekend de-flea-ing the house the best I could without setting off a flea bomb...and we had Chloe dog get a flea bath at the groomer's...they're still here. Outside of Chloe dog spending so much time scratching, I wouldn't be that worried about them but Dylan is allergic to bug bites, fleas and mosquitoes, so any bites he gets swell up and get pus-y and look awful. Right now he looks like he has chicken pox, he's got so many. None of the rest of us are affected at all, even the baby, but Dylan is very fair skinned and the fleas devour him. They're definitely not as bad as they were, but on Friday I have Chloe scheduled go go in for a hair cut and while she's at the groomer's, my daughter and I are going to set off bombs in the house, then go out to a matinee and just spend a 'girly' day together since we have to be out of the house for 3-4 hours. She and I haven't done that in a long time, either, so it'll be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to that, too.

I'm sure if I strained my brain I could come up with more to write about but I think this'll keep you busy for a while, haha! I've got an old Joan Crawford movie awaiting me and I think I'll kick back on the pillows and see if I make my way thru it without snoozing. Wish me luck.


Lynda said...

Good morning to you! Hope you're feeling ok :-)

Greta said...

Yes, it can be hard when we adjust to solutions that are practical but don't sit well in the heart. But how wonderful that the other grandma has time to spend with Dylan and you have confidence in her. Too bad it's so far away. Meanwhile, enjoy your movies and books!

Alaine (or Lanie) said...

we just started a new Bible study this morning on the book of James. You probably know it better than I do but it really stuck with me that we are supposed to see trials as blessings from God. If we persevere we will be rewarded with greater maturity and wisdom and eventually that "crown of Life".
Your year sounds like my last year. I'd say you have definitely had your share of trials. But thankfully you have that faith and perseverence. :) And my theory is that we can't have two of those years in a row so better times are coming!!
As for the babysitting thing...that's TOUGH. I can't imagine sending my kids away for a month without going crazy missing them but I understand sometimes we have to do what we have to do to get by. It could be worse. At least he is loved and you know he'll be in good hands. I know how hard it is to find a good sitter so this is probably a really good solution as hard as it is. I'll say a prayer for Dyl-pickle that he adjusts well and doesn't have any "issues" from the time away from his normal days.

Take care!


Anonymous said...

That will be hard on everyone to have Dylan so far off...but at least it is someone who truly loves him.

I hope you can recoup well...such things do take their own sweet time.
blessings, Elizabeth

Loretta said...

I am so happy to hear you say you feel wonderfull! It sounds like a great place for him to enjoy himself. I'll keep him in my prayers.

Judy said...

Oh, Kris.

My husband will SO understand where your husband is coming from.

I'm so glad that YOU are recovering nicely from surgery.

You are MUCH in my prayers.