Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh, boy! The weekend is here. Yay.

I wanted a photo that illustrated "smelly" and this is what I found. Actually, I change so many diapers I don't even think about the smell of those any more, but my house is reeking this morning of moth balls. Yes...moth balls! Ever since taking Chloe dog in for her last grooming she's been scratching and scratching and scratching. If she got paid for the amount of time she devotes to it, she'd be a bazillionaire by now, *sigh*. I think she picked them up at the groomer's and it's to the point now where Dear Hubby and I have even kicked her out of our bed because when she begins scratching at 1:30 in the morning, the whole bed shakes from her concentrated efforts. And it goes on for hours. I am tired...tired...of sleepless nites. We got up at 4:30 yesterday morning - on a Saturday! - because we couldn't get back to sleep. I went online bright and early and found a site where a farm lady who has oodles of pets and farm animals says that she combats flea infestation with moth balls. "Your house will stink like crazy for a few days but it does work," said she. It better. Or I'm going to go find her and haunt her.

All was not lost by getting up so early, tho. Dear Hubby and I were on our way to the top of Mount Tabor by 6:30. Dear Hubby has missed his calling in life. He should've been a weather forecaster. Cute little Stephanie-the-weather-girl on Channel 12 had told us the high morning clouds would burn off as soon as the sun came up but Dear Hubby looked out the window and said, "No. It won't be until noon." I'm not kidding you, a few minutes past 12 and the clouds disappeared. Meanwhile, back on the 'mountain'. It was barely dawn and it was cool and quiet. The Tai Chi people were doing some kind of warm-up stretches and hops and wiggles at the playground area and we respected their 'zen' and passed by them without talking. They look kind of crazy but are so focused. There isn't a fat one among them, tho, so something they do must be working for them. We got home by 8 and I took off and did my (gag) grocery shopping. We took a drive to Sandy in the afternoon. I made some really good chicken patty burgers for dinner. It was uneventful. Then we decided last nite was the nite we were going to begin breaking Chloe dog from sleeping with us. Now, I know we have to take in to consideration she's 6 years old and has been sleeping with humans from the time our son and daughter-in-law bought her as a newly-weaned pup but, oh, what a miserable nite. I set up a bed for her with a bunch of her couch blankets right outside our bedroom door and she cried and woofed and barked and growled until almost midnight when I think she gave up out of utter exhaustion. That's good because I was utterly exhausted, too. I'd finally set up a fan in the bedroom around 11 pm and turned that on to block out most of her sounds so at least Dear Hubby could get some rest. He got up at 5:3o and shut our door as he left the room. Which, of course, had her up and about and whining and woofing and growling to be let in to sleep with me. But we held fast...she stayed out. I wonder what tonite will bring. And to think I have a week of 11-hour days with the grandbabies ahead of me and I've hardly slept a wink. Oh well. Let the fun begin.

A church down the street had a block party yesterday, from about 10 am onward. It was supposed to last until 6:30 but they closed down a couple hours early because no one else was coming. There were a lot of kid things set up so I think it was mostly to encourage new Sunday School attendees but I felt bad as I passed by at one point when I was out walking Chloe dog. They had a barbecue and tons of folding chairs set up and it didn't look like anyone was there except some of the regular church people who go there. I sympathize. I know Sunday School numbers at the church I attend have dropped off considerably in the past several years. Once upon a time there were so many kids who came they had Sunday School in the morning and in the afternoon. But not any more.

We Oregon bloggers had a community blog called ORblogs that was a great source of information on what other Oregon writers were thinking and participating in. I have been a member of it, starting with my old blog, for 3 years or so. I've met some wonderful people thru it and enjoyed going there to read updates. What a huge disappointment on Friday evening to go there to 'ping' my newest entry, only to find that it's now closed down permanently. The founder, Paul Bausch, says it'd mushroomed into something so big he doesn't have the time to devote to it any more, it cuts into his own life so much. I can understand. When I was talking to Dear Hubby about it he said, "It's too bad you couldn't take over something like that. It'd be right up your alley." I would LOVE to do something like that...but at this stage in life I'm so overwhelmed I hardly have time to come on here and write, let alone find the time to devote to that. Oh well. But it will be sorely missed by us all, I'm sure.

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