Saturday, September 6, 2008

Random Ramblings Part II

Just because I love to read these over on her blog when she posts them, I'm 'snitching' another one of Jaggy's "Random Questions" from her archives. They're as much fun to do as they are to read as far as I'm concerned. So...learn a little bit more about me while you read here today:

1. Ever kissed a brown eyed and brown haired person? Several. HA!

2. Can you see a phone right now? Well, it's on a small table behind me.

3. What are you listening to right now? Neil Diamond's "Home Before Dark"

4. Where is it coming from? My Discman

5. Last thing you ate? Coffee flavored frozen yogurt

6. What was the last thing you saw on TV? A profile on Sarah Palin narrated by Greta vanSusteren on FOX

7. Who was the last person other than family you saw? To speak to, my neighbors Angie and Tim

8. Are labels/stereotypes good? Not particularly, but I think we're going to end up politically-correcting ourselves to death one of these days

9. Favorite flavor of lip gloss? None. I don't wear any type of make up at all. Who you see is who I am

10. Song stuck in your head? "Agnus Dei"

11. Acoustic or electric guitars? I've always preferred acoustic.

12. Do you dance while getting ready for whatever? I'm a totally-in-private dancer. Before I got married and as a teen, dance was a way of relieving stress from school and then from work. I worked swing shifts for a few years and when I got home from work I'd light candles in my room, turn my stereo on low, and dance by myself for hours. I also did a lot of yoga. When my doctor tried to give me an epidural with my first baby he said I had the most muscular spine he'd ever seen in a woman from all the years of dance and yoga.

13. What are you wearing right now? A baggy pair of khaki shorts and a comfortable top. Barefoot as usual.

14. What is the greatest number of people you've performed in front of? I've spoken publicly in front of hundreds but I am not a performer in any way, shape or form.

15. Have you gone skinny dipping? Yes, and that's all I'm going to say about it.

16. Have you ever taken a shower while you were drunk? No.

17. Do you believe in magic? No, but I definitely believe in answers to prayers.

18. Favorite city? What can I say but Portland? Of cities I've visited, I really liked Minneapolis. I visited in February and it never got warmer than 16 degrees but the dry, cold air was so invigorating. I loved it. From what I hear, tho, I know I wouldn't like summers there. Me and muggy weather do not get along.

19. Have you ever made out on a plane? Nope. I've either flown alone or with family.

20. Would you eat human flesh for money? Absolutely not.

21. Do you have leadership skills? Yes I do, but I'd rather be a worker than a leader. When I'm done with something like work or whatever, I like to just leave it there and go home. My self confidence is enough where I don't have any desire to be 'in power'.

22. Can you play an instrument? Does a plastic comb wrapped in wax paper count?

23. Have you ever sat on a roof and looked at stars? No, but I have sat in the desert and stared up at the stars.

24. Ever done that while talking on the phone to a boyfriend or girlfriend? Done what?! Looked at the stars while on the phone?! Ummm...I hardly know how to use a cell phone and I think, in a lot of ways, they are one of technology's worst inventions. Too intrusive in peoples' lives.

25. Favorite type of sock? below-the-ankle, black or white

26. Have you ever shoplifted? I don't qualify it as shoplifting but I stole a piece of gum from the 5 & Dime store when I was around 5 years old and got caught by the owner, who was our neighbor. He threatened to tell my parents if I ever did it again and that scared me so much I never stole from a store again.

27. Do you like tongue twisters? LOVE them, and I'm very good at them, too. One of my favorite books to read to my kids was Dr. Seuss' "Oh Say Can You Say?"

28. Have you recently gotten someone pregnant? Say WHAT?!?

29. Do you have a boyfriend? No. Dear Hubby wouldn't approve.

30. What scent are you wearing right now? I've worn Tabu cologne most of my adult life. Exclusively.

31. Are there any animals around you at the moment? Chloe dog is snoozing in Dear Hubby's lap at the moment.

32. Drinking anything at the moment? No but as I'm answering this I'm getting a hankering for my CranRaspberry juice that's been chilling in the refrigerator since I got home from grocery shopping this morning.

33. Ever thought you were going to get married? You know, I was so shy and quiet in high school I never had a boy friend until after I graduated. I thought I'd be one of the last girls in my graduating class to get married - and I ended up being one of the first. Go figure that one out!

34. Would you ever go rock climbing? NO WAY!!! I may be crazy but I ain't no fool!

35. Last person who told you they loved you besides family? My best friend Lizzee

36. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? I was once up for 36 hours straight and consumed a lot of wine in the process, back in my 'wild' years. I never, ever did it again. I wouldn't recommend it, either. One of the worst hangovers of my life.

37. Would you ever have plastic surgery? If I was horribly maimed, yes. For vanity's sake, never.

38. Favorite food? Baked salmon. A friend taught me how to cook it like a Native American friend taught him to do it and it's delectable.

39. Favorite comic strip? Hmmmmmm. I never read the comics, tho I like random comics I come across. I can't think of any comic strips.

40. Cat person or dog person? How much is that doggy in the window, the one with the waggly tail??

41. Got a job? It's a lot of work and I guess it's considered a job because it is day care I'm providing...taking care of my grandsons full time during the work week.

42. Is there something else you should be doing at the moment? There's always and forever laundry but I am in desperate need of "me" time right now so it can sit there and rot for all I care.

43. If you could have one wish, what would it be? A cure for every disease in the world.

44. How is your hair right now? I have it puleed up into an itty-bitty bun on the back of my head. It's finally long enough to do that with!! Yippeeeeeeeee!

45. What type of phone do you have? Good grief...I dunno. One that works.

46. Biggest regret? I try very hard not to have any where people are concerned. I can say with a clear conscience that all the frictions between my parents and myself were eliminated before each of them died.

47. Favorite girls name? Kaitlin, Annie, Emma.

48. What do you want the most? To make it to heaven.

49. Do you want children? Something tells me the questions on this one were made up by someone not so long in the tooth as I am. I have 2, ages 30 and 32 this month.

50. Are you a lover or a fighter? A fighter. Tooth and nail. And I don't accept weakness or defeat very graciously. I am my own worst enemy.

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Judy said...

I really like these. I learn SO much about you!