Saturday, October 11, 2008

I don't know why I get restless and decide to go blog-hopping. I have more than enough blogs on my sidebar to keep me busy and, when I'm baby sitting both of my young grandsons, I hardly have the time to keep up-to-date on visiting those. But here I sit, time on my hands today. I tried reading and I'm not in the mood. I'm still avoiding housework. So what do I do? I start 'surfing'.

And then I get discouraged.

"Why?!" you ask.

I'll tell you why. Because there are a lot of blogs out there much better than my 'paltry and boring' little site. There are great writers out there. And I begin to doubt my own writing ability. And I become unsure of myself. My self confidence gets shaken. And I am my own worst enemy, my harshest critic. I'm ready to shut it down!

I've been reading blogs lately where everyone seems to be worrying about 'blog block.' Or trying to decide if they should keep blogging. They worry about lack of traffic and are desperate to attract more. Ever since reading that if you're able to attract even one reader you're doing pretty good, considering the millions of blogs out there, I'm not too concerned about traffic. I'm a motor mouth and have absolutely nooooooooooooo problem with 'blog block'. I don't even suffer from 'comment block', haha! My daughter said something to me the other day about my 'epic' comments that I leave. I don't know if she was poking fun at me or not. But if I'm going to take the time to say something, I'm going to say it. Sheeeeeeeeesh. And if I get too wordy, the blogger can always delete me. I know a lot of bloggers comment to their commenters on their blogs but I forget to go back and check those most of the time. By the time I find a window of time to catch up on them, most have posted several times since my last visit and I'm working hard just to read their current stuff!

And here I write yet another blog entry about blog entries. Another post about trying to figure out why I come back on an almost daily basis to spill my guts or blather on about nothing. Why any of us do. For some it's an addiction. For others, a safe place to rant and rave and vent when they don't have the ability to do so in 'real life'. Some come for the social networking. Some don't come to write at all...they come to read and to lurk in the shadows. I don't know what the appeal of blogs is. I don't know why I comment regularly at some and never say a word at others. Why I return to some over and over again. And others I never visit again after stumbling upon them one time.

One thing I do know, tho.

I'd be lost without mine.

However boring and paltry it may be.


Danielle Says Hello said...

You are neither paltry or boring dear Miss Kris....I may not comment as often as I would like but I certainly read every day! Your photo of Emmy Lou Harris really has me thinking about growing out my gray ;)

Mrs. Who said...

I do the exact same thing. And you have at least a few of us regular readers!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I write for myself. If they read it fine. I still have not even mastered linking for goodness sakes. I too read blogs that I say mine is such a amateur blog compared to others but then it makes me happy so what the heck. I'm Italian I have to have somewhere to whine.

Kathie said...

Hello Kris,
I thought that by writing "YOUR" blog was just that. Your own. Not what other people want you to write to keep their interest. As for me, I love reading what you write. Keep up the good work. Take care,

Dori said...

Ah, the Blogoshere...the last, last frontier! There are several blogs I read that make me want to take my own writing skills and go hide in a closet--they're that good. Then there are others that, well, I don't visit that often. Sort of like an uncle, or two,of mine.

My daily conversation partners are under 3 feet tall. I come to the www in search of adult conversation. I blog because I really see nothing wrong with chatting with myself! :D

And, Miss Kris...I so enjoy your visits! Keep those long and rambling comments coming! Every now and then it's nice and reassuring to know that we are not alone!

Judy said...

I'd be lost without your blog too, Kris.

And, without my blog I woundn't have the foggiest idea what I've done for the past four years.

Jane Doh ! said...

I would like my blog to have more meaning other than my boring rants when I do get time to blog that is... I would like to share some historical photographs of Australia that my grandfather took in the 20's 30's and 40's but I would probably start another one for that. I feel guilty if I whine about my children driving me crazy but that's usually what my everyday day It's hard when that's all I feel I know at this time in my life.

You are never boring, I love the way you see things, it comforts me to come here and read about your journey through life and how you deal with the past, the present and your positive outlook on the future.

Don't ever stop blogging !!

Liz said...

Me too. When I read some of these intelligent and political blogs I think, 'Phshewsh!' But actually I don't read them! I click on them and then leave rapidly. I'd much rather your sort of blog.

Blog Stalker said...

Don't get down on yourself. And count me in as someone who will visit your blog often.

Blog like no one is ever reading it. And then enjoy checking out the blogs yuo like. And BTW, you can leave as long winded a comment as you'd like over at my blog.

At least at my blog you will not have to feel like your less of a writer. I actually have had someone else blog about me on their blog and they mentioned how I make many gramatical errors and can't spell very well. Nothing i did not know. lol

Have a great day! Keep blogging!