Friday, October 24, 2008

Merry Christmas?

I noticed a display of Christmas -- oooops, better be politically correct here! -- "holiday" music at Fred Meyer back around the end of September. Am I the only person in the world who finds that terribly depressing? Two months from today will be Christmas Eve. Two months!!! Before we know it, it'll be Christmas in July, just like a mattress store advertises every summer.

I've gotten to the point where I'm so sick of the 'holiday push' by the time the first of December rolls around I don't even care if I decorate my house or even send out Christmas cards any more. Ooops...there I go again. Holiday decorations. Holiday cards.


I miss the good old days.

And they were the good old days, even if I'm not being politically correct in saying so.

I love Christmas.

And "Silent Night."

And Handel's "Hallelujah" chorus.

And "Joy to the World."

And "O Holy Night."

And I still have the right to say so.

Even if I'm not politically correct in doing so.


Bridget Locke said...

Pfft! I say Christmas & Pshaw at anyone who says otherwise. I wish my customers a Merry Christmas every year, so naner-naner. LOL!

You're being a scrooge, mom. Baby will be back next week. I think you need a good Dylan-snuggle. :)

Mother Goose said...

i say pplthhhhh on politically correct. who the jell cares, yk??
CHRISTmas! who cares what others say be true to you. found you through blogstalker

Missy Moo said...

I love Christmas and I don't care if I offend anyone by singing carols or wishing them a merry christmas. I have started making Christmas cakes already to sell. The christmas decorations are up in our shop - BUT - the music hasn't started yet. Certain people (who shall go un-named) tried to stop our shopping centre from putting up the christmas trees and decorations - BUT - we won the round - woo hoo. The time is coming around too quickly tho. I have heaps to do before our trip to NZ for Christmas with my baby brother. Have a nice weekend Kris. will catch up soon via email.
Missy Moo xx

Blog Stalker said...

Being politically correct is what is tearing at the fabric of America.

I too love Christmas. Even with all the commercialism it is still my favorite holiday for what it represents and the good ole days memories it will always bring to my mind

Have a great day!

Becky said...

Yeah, poo on politically correct. Go Christmas!

I'm torn with the whole Christmas-propaganda-in-October thing. On one hand, it totally commercializes it, which me no likey. But it does get me in the Christmas spirit, and it makes me smile whenever I go to the store.