Sunday, October 5, 2008

I've seen this on some blogs I've browsed thru over the weekend and thought I'd give it a whirl. I believe it originated here so I want to make sure I give credit where the credit is due! Now, let me scratch my head, stare dumbly at my screen, and try to come up with a viable list as to why I rock:

I rock because I am not afraid to age gracefully in this paranoid-of-getting-old world. My hair is silver, my wrinkles more than noticable, my glasses the first thing I put on in the morning and the last things I take off at nite. Whatever sags and bags...oh well.

I rock because I'm a stay-at-home Grandma, giving my two grandsons as much love and security as I gave my own two kids.

I rock because I'm a great listener.

I rock because I love unconditionally.

I rock because I'm not afraid to tell you when I've made a mistake.

I rock because I'm not afraid to tell you I'm sorry.

I rock because what I appear to be is who I am.

I rock because I've been married to a man who is my best friend for 34 years.

I rock because our two adult children have grown up to be two of our best friends.

I rock because I'm not ashamed of being a Christian.

I rock because, if you want my honest opinion, I'll give it to you.

I rock because I don't anger easily and I try to make peace when I am.

I rock because I care.

I rock because I try to keep an open mind.

I rock because I try to brighten every corner of my life.

I rock because I'm never too old to learn.

My daughter said to add this one: I rock because I have a green thumb!

She also said to add this: I rock because I give great advice.

I rock because I feed the birds outside my window year-round. I tell my two-year-old grandson we're feeding God's creatures. Which we are.

I rock because I'm a great caregiver for those who are terminally ill -- at least on a personal level.

I rock because I appreciate daily what a precious gift Life is and I try to remember to thank God for it every day.


Danielle Says Hello said...

You definitely do ROCK!!!!! Hope you are having an awesome day.

Mrs Parks said...

You just rock because you rock sister!