Friday, October 31, 2008

A NEW Oregon blogger community!

I belonged to an Oregon blogger community, ORblogs, for a few years that recently closed down because the founder of it, a gentleman named Paul Bausch, no longer had the time to devote to it. It had evolved into something that could've been a full time job in and of itself. Without it I've felt abandoned and bereft. I used to go to it on an almost daily basis, not only to "ping" my blog but to peruse the Home Page to check out the pulse of the writers in my beloved state. Last nite I decided to go to the old ORblogs site to see if the directory was still posted. Instead, it had a link leading me to another site, which led me to this new one, PorBlogs. I was added to it today and I will now have a permanent link to it in my sidebar if you'd like to go check out some of the other Oregon blog writers. Just like our state, the list is varied and diverse but there are a lot of talented writers here. So...go! Read! Enjoy!


Alan "porblogs" Cordle said...

Thanks for the mention. Although the site's called PorBlogs, we'd love to have bloggers from anywhere in Oregon. Also, there's a few suburban Portland/Washington state bloggers on board too.


The Guy Who Writes This said...

Thanks, Kris. I applied for a listing.