Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ramble On

I spent a pleasant morning with my daughter-in-law, driving down to the Bauman Farms pumpkin patch in Gervais. I bought some Marionberry muffins as well as Marionberry Preserves and Pumpkin muffins. She bought apples and apple cider donuts. With just little Cooper along with us, we didn't pay the $10 per person charge to wander around thru the petting zoo or to get lost in the corn maze or ride on the motorized hay ride. We just went to the market and drooled. The produce was all picked at perfection. The autumn asters and rows of Indian Corn, the big fat pumpkins, all lining the walkways...a harvest feast just for the eyes alone. Lots of families. Lots of photos being taken. Endless vistas of farm fields. Corn stubble fields to park on. It was a morning of misty sunshine and cool, fall-like winds blowing. The cider press room smelled heavenly, the juices of who knows how many apples perfuming the air. It was October at its finest, don'tcha know.

I've discovered a Christian author whose one book I've read so far was both enjoyable and believable. Glory be. Her name is Lisa Samson. I recently finished "Church Ladies" and I just started another one called "Club Sandwich" yesterday. Finally...finally...I've found a Christian writer who writes it like it is in the real world, not some fantasy land where the characters seem to live on a plane so far up that none of the rest of the world can reach high enough to join them there. Like their characters are sitting on the Judgment Throne casting a disapproving eye down on the rest of humanity. I always thought judgment was in God's hands, not ours, so I've had a hard time swallowing the novels by Christians who get all preachy and sanctimonious. I want to read about real people. People like me who call themselves Christians but still get up in the morning like everyone else does, who faces some good days and some not-so-good days. People who have a deep and abiding love for God in their hearts, who trust in Him, but still have moments of doubt or shortcomings in their humanness. I'm the first one to admit I've always been extremely thankful my husband was never called to the ministry but I do have some friends who are pastors' wives and I wouldn't want their lives for anything. No thank you. The congregants can vent to him, he can vent to the wife...but who can the wife turn to? Have you ever thought about that? And from some of the things I've been told by these friends, I think Ms. Samson's hit the nail on the head in portraying what the every day life of a pastor's wife must be like. Bless their hearts. Sometimes I think these women should be awarded some kind of special star in their crown when they make it to Heaven. Seriously!

I am almost giddy, hearing that Dido finally has a new CD coming out in the middle of November. I can listen to this woman's music over and over again. I've heard this one has been in production for something like 3 years so I hope it's as good as her first two were. I heard a track from it on here in Portland the other day and really liked it. I so rarely buy CDs any often the only good track on it is the one that attracted me in the first place. But I liked every song on "Life For Rent", her last CD. Her voice is so dreamy and ethereal. I love to write with her music on, and I also love writing to all the Enigma CDs, too. Do you have favorite 'writing' music that gets you in the mood to let the words flow? My love of listening to music while I write goes back to my teen years. I can hardly write if I don't have something playing in the background or on my headphones.

And now I think I'll take Miss Chloe dog out for a last spin around the block. It's almost 4:30 and it'll be dark before I know it. I'm worse than a kid, scuffing my feet thru the crunchy leaves and squashing hemlock berries with my shoes. Chloe dog skips along like a new pup in this kind of weather. I love Autumn.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus


Dori said...

Arrg...spare me the Christian novelists! The main reason I turned to fantasy in the first place--I figured if I was going to read about unobtainable things, I'd like the author to be open about it!

As a PK--as well as an MK--I know that the role of the pastor's wife is also a calling. I've found the same to be true of my current role of Police Officer Wife--I've got to have the same commitment to the job as he does or it just isn't going to work. And who do I talk to? Maybe you've noticed I have a blog too? :D

Dori said...

What about the wives not called, you ask? You're on the edge of deep water there, my friend! Did they marry the wrong person? Was someone not listening? Deep questions. No one wants to answer those!