Saturday, October 25, 2008

To open or not to open

The email address I have listed here on my blog to contact me is my "public" email. I use it for a number of things but not for personal email. When someone contacts me who's read my blog, I'm very careful about which ones I open and which ones I delete. I've probably deleted a lot of them that were perfectly safe but I made the mistake of opening an email from an unknown person one time a few years back and got a nasty worm virus in my system. So I kind of go by the "Better safe than sorry" way of thinking. What is spam and what isn't, ya know?

I have an email sitting in my Inbox right now that's been sitting there for a couple of days. In the subject line it has "Would you like to have your blog reviewed?" Well, sure I would! But who is "J B", the person who sent it? Is he/she some famous publisher who's going to offer me a lucrative writing contract? The chances of that are slim to none, I'm sure, so I just let that email wallow there. Bugging me. But the temptation to open it is...well...strong because I like to know what people think about my writing. I'm such an egoist, don'tcha know.

I read an entry at Blogstalker's site about comment junkies that I found very interesting. Now, I don't consider myself a comment junkie. I like comments but I've never gotten a huge amount of them and I'm ok with that. If people want to read and move on, that's fine. I think, just like in "real life" most people are who they are, either introverted or extroverted, and most people are basically introverted. At least, that's my conclusion. You don't see too many out there fighting to be the center of attention. In my high school days, outside of the cliques, most of the rest of us were just quietly going about our days and daydreaming about the day we'd get outta there!!!! I've described myself here as an extroverted introvert, at least on most days. Otherwise, on bad days, I'm an introverted extrovert. I juggle back and forth. I started out life as a very gregarious and outgoing little girl...then clammed up when we moved from my small hometown to a much larger city and much bigger schools. Once I got out of school I became that extrovert again. Then, introverted for several years when I began attending a big church. Then, after my 'epiphany' year of 1999, I finally came to the revelation that I am who I am and I R.E.L.A.X.E.D. And let my real self shine thru. Some days - friendly. Some days - introspective. Some days - goofy. Some days - dead serious. But they all blend together and make me me. I don't like to label myself. I spend too much time stumbling and bumbling along, just making it thru each day. Most days happy and content with the life I have. Some days in the depths of despair when I've forgotten to change my estrogen patch and I'm not getting my little dose of "happy hormones". I don't like to talk about those days. I just go in an peel off the old patch and stick on a new one and I'm fine fine fine by the next day.

If you like me, fine. If you don't, oh well. I can't make you love me. I can't make you comment, either. But I like to comment, myself. If I have time when I'm doing my 'visiting' I usually leave at least a few words. Or, like my daughter calls them, my "epic" comments. So I like to 'talk'...sue me! My real life Life is so busy, this is where I socialize for the most part since I have so little time for face-to-face visits. And it's ok. This way I don't feel pressured or guilty if I can't find time to visit. I visit here when I do have the time. And friendship is friendship is friendship, no matter what form it comes in.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

ahhh lovely post...I wonder are you feeling a little introspective?! I find l'm meandering in my thoughts lately...hence the type of posts! sigh!!
btw l keep meaning to tell you how l love you maya quote..shes the real deal and some eh??

Melissa B. said...

I totally understand about the e-mail SPAM. And I was going to make a smart-alecky remark about JB, but couldn't think of a famous person's name to go with the initials. As a high school teacher, I understand the introverted extrovert and vice-versa. You can express BOTH sides of your personality tomorrow at my place, though...time for Sx3 again!

Lynda said...

I agree with you totally. Nice to have these friends, too, isn't it?

The Guy Who Writes This said...

I subscribe to probably 40 blogs and comment on maybe one of them a day. Today it's yours ; )

But I find it funny what tweaky buttons each blogger has. One person I read always asks people to vote for her blog for one special award or another. I know other blogs that hammer their readers for not commenting. And there is another blog that get upset about the lurkers she tracks with her counter who never identify themselves by commenting. I used to be into my blog stats so I turned off my counter. It still operates in the background, but now I never look at it.