Friday, November 28, 2008

Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again? ~Winnie the Pooh

I had such good intentions for today. Honest, I did. But here it is, already 10:30 in the morning and I haven't really accomplished much outside of grocery shopping. Blech. I did that at 7 to get it out of the way. And when I got home there was a message on the machine, my son asking if I'd like to go out to breakfast with him and his family. How do you say no? So I did that. Came home and took Chloe dog for a walk. I've got overloaded, overcrowded kitchen cabinets that need a good purging and I still might get to that. I have things tucked back in far corners that I haven't used since we moved in here 26 years ago. I'm thinking if I haven't used them by now I probably never will. I've got some boxes on the back porch I'll bring in to fill up and then it's a trip to the Goodwill up the road to let it clutter someone else's cabinets. I should go out and clip back some of the foliage and fill up the Yard Debris container for next week's pick up but I dunno. That sounded great last nite when I first thought about it but now it's not quite so appealing. We'll see. At least I've gotten a couple of bills that needed paying taken care of online.

I hardly send out anything by mail any more. Do you? I pay bills online. I shop online. I renew and put books on hold at the library online. Listen to music online - well, when I have my speakers working. I unplugged my connection a while back and can't seem to get them to work now. Typical. I do send out cards to family members by mail but everyone else is pretty much online now. How pathetic is that? But that's how I get a lot of my cards now as well so I figure it's the thought that counts. Right now I've been composing a Christmas letter in my head to send out with my cards this year. Once upon a time I sent out around 100 cards every year but I've pared that back to hardly anything now. I am getting so lazy it's disgusting. But it isn't so much being lazy, really. It's being time-starved to do much of anything except get up, take care of the grandboys, and go to bed. Exciting life I lead, eh? At least it's a fulfilling one. But I digress from Christmas cards and Christmas letters. I had never ever sent one out before until a few years ago. When I didn't send one out the next year I got all kinds of comments about why I didn't do it again. I guess they actually enjoyed the one I'd sent, if you can believe that. I'd sent it out because I've gotten tired of writing pretty much the same note in every card to the people I only communicate with at, that is true laziness on my part, ha! But I've decided I'm doing it again this year. If I find the time to do them. We get a couple of them each year and it's nice to be caught up on everyone's grandbabies, trips taken. Whatever. But there's one couple who give us one every year, a couple we don't even know very well, and it's...I kid you not...pages long. She must keep a detailed calendar of every single thing they do every single day of the year. She doesn't want any of us missing out on a single detail of their lives. And oh my...I've been accused of writing stuff on my blog that's "boring and paltry" (I don't think I'll ever quite get over being accused of that!)...but her Christmas missives are agonizing to get thru. Maybe if I knew them better? And why do I feel like I'm compelled to read them?! I mean, she'll never know whether I do or don't. I guess it's a matter of having it there before me, I just have to read it. Call it a quirk of mine.

Since cutting back on our Dish Network service from 250 channels to 44 we don't seem to be any more challenged to find anything interesting to watch than we were before. There still isn't anything on, really. I've been taping some "Biography" shows to watch while the grandbabies are sleeping. On the days I can get their naps to coordinate, that is. They usually arrive between 5:30-5:45 am and, if I don't get them to nap at the same time, it's nonstop GO for me until either one of their parents arrive to pick them up, usually around 5 pm now. Mercy, it makes for a long day. Lunch break? What is that? Potty break? Quickly done! During the weeks when the weather cooperates we get out for long walks and that really breaks up the day and we all enjoy those so much. Me, for the exercise...I bought a pedometer today. I really am curious as to just how many miles we cover. I took them to the play group at the community center almost 2 weeks ago and they both blossomed dandy colds the next day. I'm not sure if the cold bugs were already brewing or if the colds hit them that fast. It seemed like every other child there the day we went either had runny noses or were coughing all over the place. Oh well. The joys of childhood. Dylan really had a blast and that was what it was all about, getting him around some other kids. I wish I knew how to go about establishing some kind of play network for other stay-at-home grandmas like me...where to advertise or something. I mean, outside of having grandkids the same ages as their kids, I have absolutely nothing in common with moms who are 20 or even 30. And the young parents of today are so 'in to' their kids. It's like they don't know how to relax and just let kids play. Everything has to be directed. Everything has to be choreographed. The children have to be guided. Whatever happened to spontaneity and letting kids be kids? A two-year-old isn't going to understand the political correctness of brotherly love. Not to the point of embracing each one for their karma or lack thereof. Gimme a break. Where has this mindset evolved from?!

Dear Hubby went deer hunting at the beginning of last week, using up his remaining vacation days. He got a nice 3x2 blacktail buck, a 30-yard shot with his 60-pound longbow. He was so thrilled. He had this longbow custom-built by a bowyer friend of his earlier this year and had it inscribed with "Duck-a-Luck" which was the childhood nickname his dad gave him. His dad died on St. Patrick's Day this past spring. He'd told me he wanted so badly to get a deer this year as a tribute to his dad. And he got his wish. And we have lots of wonderful venison in the freezer. He went elk hunting with a friend of his today, down near Stayton. That's down around Salem, which usually isn't a bad drive but today is the "Civil War" game between the Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers at Reser's Stadium in Corvallis. I-5 is mostly 4-lane south of Portland...traffic is horrendous on this day every year. I hope he gets home before midnite!

Well, as much as I hate to, I should get to those kitchen cabinets. And give Chloe dog a bath. Duty beckons, always and forever.


Lynette said...

That's a great quote from Winnie the Pooh!

I'm just about the watch the Civil War on TV. I thought I'd do that while I upload photos to Flickr and Walgreens.

Earlier I thoroughly enjoyed the Border Showdown where the Kansas University Jayhawks beat the Missouri University Tigers. I'm partial to Kansas since my husband was a Kansan. And I'm glad I didn't have to watch my Miss. State Bulldogs get skunked yesterday by the Ole Miss Rebels--45-0! I was at work.

Hope your husband gets home from his hunting trip without any traffic tribulations due to the Civil War.

Mike S said...

Well, after reading that I'm far too tired to do anything but nap. Love the quote! I seem to do more of that every year.

Anonymous said...

Yum, deer meat!! Sounds good!! Glad hubby got some meat for your freezer!!

I do a yearly letter, trying to send at Thanksgiving time, to those that we don't have much contact with during the year. Have done that for most of my married life. I too, used to have around 100 on my list. Then the year my Grandma died in early December I was just too sad to send out till January. And that helped cut my list quite a lot...most did not bother to send to us after that and I only answered the ones who did send. Only a few asked why they had not heard (after years of always hearing in November). I keep the letters short (just a page, including usually some kind of fancy paper which takes up room too). Most on our list have our email address or phone number so could call us if they want more details on our lives. I do enjoy reading updates from others too and never mind it being a printed letter. I do try to write a few lines of specialized greeting to each too. Hubby helped this year and it sure made it a more pleasant and quick task. People move so often these days (including us) so if we did not keep up with the yearly letter, we could be neighbors and not know it.

Melissa B. said...

AA Milne and Pooh Bear are my favorites! Sometimes, I get so immersed in one task that it could take most of the day. I always start the day with good intentions, but almost always get sidetracked.

Suburbia said...

There is always a list of jobs isn't there, it's just never ending!! Sometimes it's nice just to ignor the list :)

I love to get letters in Christmas cards from people I haven't seen in ages. Husband says to cut the list but I can never quite do that!

Judy said...

My grandson and granddaughter are starting to play 'together'. It is just SO fun to watch!