Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rumination: To meditate or muse; ponder

Man. It seems like forever since I've come here to post post. I hate just adding on a couple of little ditties to show I haven't disappeared from the blogosphere but that's the way my week has gone and that's all I had time for, a couple of quickies early in the morning before the grandsons arrived. Even now I'm starting this but I'll be saving it as a draft because I really do need to vacuum and do a couple of other tasks I put on the back burner around...oh...Monday or Tuesday and never got back to. Oh well. Whatever. There are more important things in life than being Susie Homemaker.

It's just past two p.m. and I finished my grocery shopping maybe 15 minutes ago. Remind me never to grocery shop at Fred Meyer on Saturday afternoons again. Am I glutton for punishment or what?! As much as I hate doing it, I hate dodging other carts or getting stuck behind Slow Joe Moe who's calling the wife on his cell and asking her, "Did you want 3 tomatoes or two?" Sheesh. Buy three!! Just get outta my way! Please! I stopped at the bank and I stopped at the library. I stopped at Wherehouse Music, too. I was going to buy a Goo Goo Dolls CD but I don't know any of their songs by name so I gave up on that and got the "Chant" CD by the monks that was so popular 10 or 15 or, as fast as time goes by, 20 years ago. I spotted it used for $3.99 and I thought, "What great stuff to write by!" and I will, later. As I will also continue this. Later.


This morning Dear Hubby and I drove out to the archery range he enjoys shooting at near "Carlton -- A Great Little Town!" That's the sign that greets you as you drive in to the 'city' limits. What a beautiful morning. Misty and blustery but even with gray, low skies the foliage was so brilliant in hue. Hillsides looked like God had taken a paint brush and put a swath of gold here, scarlet there. The grape vines were all dark and bare with pale yellow leaves clinging to them here and there. Row upon row upon row. Kind of like the Flanders Field of the grape harvest. Fields that were bleached from the sun only a month or so ago are now a verdant green. But not the green of Spring full of promise of warmth and swelling to the point of bursting forth with new life. No. These green fields are ripened for slumber. Waiting for blankets of snow. Horses stood in the lee of the barns, out of the wind as rain blew in slanted sprays from the east.

As Dear Hubby walked thru the 55-target range I settled down in the warmth of the truck cab and read. So peaceful, the rain drops stabbing at the roof and soothing me with their staccato drumming. I was tired this morning. I needed those two quiet hours to sit and enjoy my book. A wonderful book. One of the best I've read in a while. One line has stayed with me all day since I read it: "I simply trust in God, Mrs. Laurel. He is who He is regardless of what I believe. I don't have to fully understand Him to love Him." I found that very profound. It spoke to my heart. He is who He is. He is intangible and yet He is real. And tho I can't see Him, tho I can't touch Him in the physical sense, He is in my heart. He lives there. And He is ever present. In this world, at this time in history, this gives me great comfort.

Dear Hubby and our son went to a sporting goods store today. At the gun counter, business was overwhelming. People are buying guns and ammunition in quantity. The 44 magnums are sold out. What does this say? What are we preparing for? What's going to happen?

And yet. I pillow my head at nite and I sleep. Chloe dog is a warm presence stretched out on top of the blankets between Dear Hubby and me. I listen to my beloved husband's slumbering breaths, slow and steady. I cast my cares out into the universe. I don't shoulder the burdens. I trust. And I believe. And I know Who is in control of it all.


Jane Doh ! said...

I don't know what everyone is freaking out about, buying guns and ammo. Tom has been going on about something and is planning on stocking up too. I only half listen...but he has been reading into things that are just beyond me. I don't want to worry, I don't need the stress. I'm doing so well at not stressing.

Melissa B. said...

I wish my Hubby's slumbering breaths were slow & steady. More like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Please don't forget Sx3 today...we have a VERY timely snap for ya!