Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Urgent prayer needed

We have very dear friends who are on a trip in Mumbai, India. Because I know how far-reaching the internet is, I will not even disclose their sexes or ages but just ask you for very, very urgent prayer on their behalf. Family members received one text message from one of them caught over there saying "Please Pray. Don't reply."
God only knows what's going on and if they're safe.
Please pray for them and for all the family members here who are frantic with worry.


Judy said...

I have been.

And will continue.

jutka said...

I will pray for your dear friend and for all the people there.

Alaine said...

I wish I had read this earlier but I will start praying immediately. I barely watch the news anymore. I suppose I should start again :(

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving Kris.

Anonymous said...

Sure hoping you have heard that all is well with your friends! Wars and rumors of wars...nasty business in the world today!! We were so sad to hear of the troubles over there!!