Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All deep things are song. It seems somehow the very central essence of us, song; as if all the rest were but wrappages and hulls! ~ Thomas Carlyle

Blogs are funny things. I have a tendency to forget about people coming here and reading my personal thoughts and just ramble on about this, that, and everything without much regard as to how my 'reading public' is interpreting it. When I run out of something to say, I hit the "Publish Post" button and sign off. What I write is relevant to me...it's not necessarily important to me whether it makes much sense to anyone else or not. This is because this is my journal. It's not my and your journal. If that's what you're wanting and you don't blog, maybe you need to start one of your own. I can't imagine anyone finding my life fascinating enough to live vicariously thru me.

That said, I'm going to get around to writing about something I've had running around in my brain ever since I read a blog entry a little while ago. A rant about people who post lyrics on their blogs. This person attributed it to copy/paste laziness when the blogger has nothing else to write about. Ok, I can see their point on this. And I respect their rant. I don't particularly like going to blogs with music on them. Sometimes the music starting after I've been there for a minute or two startles me so badly I lose my train of thought as I'm reading. And tons of stuff cluttering the sidebars drives me nuts too. But I don't have anything against lyrics. I post lyrics every now and then. That's why I want to come to the defense of lyric-posters. I don't post them often, but when I do it's because there's something within the words that have truly resonated within me. And if I choose to post the lyrics and just tell you nothing more than "I find this beautiful" or "This really touched my soul", I think that's all you really need to know. You may read it and go away scratching your head, thinking I've lost it somewhere along the way. But that's ok. I'm not posting it for your benefit...I'm posting it for mine. To me, it's like a code or a trail of crumbs I'm leaving here so as I come back in a year or two or twenty and I read it, it will trigger off a memory as to what I was feeling at the particular moment I posted it. Even tho lyrics are written by other people, so are books and poetry. And I find words, no matter what context they're used in, deeply personal. I use quotes and poetry and dialogue that touch me deeply, too. I'm a person who didn't have a particularly easy childhood and I found solace and peace in words...in books and lyrics and poetry. Music especially was my sanity-saver. Lyrics quite often helped me realize I wasn't alone in my loneliness.

So, yeah...I'm a guilty lyric-poster. What can I say? Why do I have to say anything?


Donna said...

I don't like music to play on blogs, unless I can turn it on myself. Often I'm already listening to Pandora Radio, so music that starts playing on a blog interrupts my listening.

Dori said...

There's one blog I go to every now and then that I have to remember to turn my volume down. I find music automatically starting on a blog to be annoying. However, a youtube video or lyrics that I can watch or read at my own pace I find delightful and enlightening.

As to this being *your* journal--yes, yes it is! I try not to highjack the comment section too much! :D

Lynda said...

Post the lyrics! Why not? Just like you said, if it bothers a random reader, they can click somewhere else.

As far as music automatically playing on blogs... not my favorite.

Brenda Susan said...

Miss Kris, Thanx for the kind comment on my blog. I agree with you re:music & too much sidebar junk, it's distracting.

I also agree that posting lyrics is a great way to express your thoughts & feelings. It could be one of those "you had to be there" situations for others to "get" what you are saying. Now I'm going to go wander around your site a bit!

Danielle Says Hello said...

I am with you on the blogs that have music and cluttered side bars - it triggers my ADD and I have to move on. However, I am of the nature that each and every blog/blogger is unique and it is their right and privilege to post whatever the heck they choose...if it annoys some people just don't go back and visit. So as you may already know - I always love what you post here although I 'lurk' much of the time ;)