Sunday, December 28, 2008

And now what....

This is another one of my blog friend Leenie's amazing photographs. It's Jade. Isn't it beautiful?

OK. So now Christmas is over and done with. The Christmas wrappings and boxes are all broken down and tossed in to the recycling containers outside. This year both they and the garbage can are to the point of overflowing and we have a WEEK until the garbage men will be here to pick it up. During our "Arctic Blast" week there was no garbage pick up in the city so everyone's schedule has been put off for an entire week. What am I going to do with all the bags full of soggy, poopy diapers 'til then?!

Can you believe it? Two of my cousins, mother and son, both have books being published and released in January. I am so thrilled for both of them! Dear Hubby is constantly after me about getting my blog published but I tell him I wouldn't even want to try. I'd be devastated if I got rejection slips on's my life blood poured out every time I post on here. What would I feel if some editor told me, "Sorry, but this just isn't interesting." It'd be like telling me my life hasn't been worth living.

I'm waiting to hear from my brother who is a major bird watcher to email me whatever he knows about hummingbirds but I'm pretty sure he told me in the past that as long as the birds know they have a steady food source they'll stay in the region even thru the winter. I got an email from him last week telling me of a crazy experience he had with his hummingbird feeder. They've had one at their house for years and it attracts a lot of 'traffic' from the little hummers. During all our frigid weather the past week or so, all of us were challenged to keep the sugar water/nectar thawed out for the birds to eat. Eric had taken his feeder inside to thaw out and replenish so in the meantime he'd fixed up a small bowl with sugar water in it to take outside, not even sure if the hummers would feed out of it. Not only did they feed out of it, they swarmed him! They were even putting their long beaks into his ears! He said it was the weirdest sensation and he couldn't wait to get away from them, ha! Kind of a mini-version of "The Birds"....instead of crows and seagulls, it was hummingbirds!

It seems like forever since I've sat down and written anything of substance on here. It seems like so much 'fill'. So much...stuff. So much drivel and dribble and surface scratching. Oh well. I don't wish away the time spent with the grandbabies. I don't want time to fly by any faster than it is already. I don't wish for time to myself any more. I don't know how to fill it when I do have it. Just like with Christmas this what I can, don't fret about what I can't. Life's way too short. Our son stopped in for a few minutes this morning to drop off a DVD for us to watch and I told him how you learn as you get older to relish the sweet things in life. I told him the 30 years he's been with us have passed like a moment and even tho I have savored every moment of his life and his sister's, I savor the grandbabies even more now when I realize just how fast the days I have with them will be gone. Poof -- like that. And you can never wish them back. You can never relive them. You hold them in your hand and watch them sift past like sand in an hourglass.

I had blood work done a couple weeks ago. Both my Dad and his mother died of strokes and my doctor wanted to check and see how my cholesterol is. He said if the tests all came back fine, I wouldn't need to come in again this year. I got a letter from him a few days later with a prescription for Vitamin D in it -- megadoses of it -- something I'm really lacking. Other than that, I'm doing fine. Finally.

Tomorrow is my birthday. It's kind of like a 'boneyard' birthday, stuck in the nether days between Christmas and New Year's. But at least it's a birthday and I'm happy to be celebrating another one.

Well, Chloe dog needs to go out. The coffeemaker needs filling. I need to check the clothes in the dryer. Then time to hit the sack. Another week begins. Another weekend gone.

A friend of ours walked past his bathroom the night after Christmas, only to spot his wife collapsed on the floor. She'd had a heart attack and was gone that fast.

Life is a gift etched in beautiful to have, so easy to lose. So fragile. It comes with no warranties, no guarantees. No replacement batteries.


Mike S said...

Any birthday of mine I'm able to celebrate is a good one. Life is indeed fragile.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday!
Your sentiments are mine. I love reading your blog as you seem to mirror my own thoughts perfectly. Do all women in our age range think the same? You didn't happen to be adopted did you?

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...
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Alaine said...

I hope you have a wonderful blessed happy birthday, Kris! I'm so pleased to have had you in MY life for another year...I can only imagine how your family feels :)

I'm so sorry about your friend's wife. An old teacher (well, he wasn't old...he was 62) of mine passed away last Sunday. He was diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks before that with symptoms of fatigue and lack of appetite. The doctors thought it was a virus. It scares me to think of all that I haven't said or expressed to the ones I love knowing how fast things can change. It does make you appreciate so much.