Friday, December 5, 2008

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. ~- Rabindranath Tagore

Isn't that just the coolest quote? I stumbled across it this evening and thought it was so appropriate for the weather we've had the past couple days here in Portland. (A perfect metaphor for my life right now, too. I mustn't ever lose sight of how truly blessed I am.) Yesterday the east wind was blowing so hard I couldn't take the boys out for a walk but regardless of that it was still an incredibly beautiful day with a gorgeous sunset. Today the wind was gone, thank goodness. We got out for a long leisurely walk, stopping to watch the antics of the many squirrels in a nearby park and spotting every leftover pumpkin along our path from Halloween and Thanksgiving slowly rotting away on people's porches. Actually, some were still remarkably intact, considering how long they've been there. Some, like Dylan says when he points the rotten ones out to me, are "broke". The tiny ones are "babies" and the large ones are "really really big!!" Did you know that the faded sliver of moon you can see right now during the day is a "baby moon"? So Dylan informed me and I, for one, believe him.

We're going to be baby sitting the boys for a while tomorrow. The company our son works for is having it's big Christmas dinner in the afternoon and then he and our daughter-in-law are going out on a much-needed date afterwards. We were going to take the boys over to Peacock Lane to walk thru and look at all the Christmas lights but, luckily, I just looked it up on the internet to find out what time the lights are scheduled to come on each evening, only to find out it doesn't start until December 15th! Oooooooooops. So much for our good intentions of giving Dylan, especially, a wonderful's absolutely beautiful!! Dear Hubby and I were telling him all afternoon today we'd take him to see the Christmas lights tomorrow nite so I guess we'd better take him for a walk around our general neighborhood so he can view the ones around here. At this stage, he's thrilled if he spots Christmas tree lights on in houses we pass on our walks during the day, so even if it isn't the spectacular display that Peacock Lane is, he's not going to know the difference. In his two-year-old mind, lights are lights! Any amount is exciting, as long as they're colorful and especially if they twinkle!

After the boys went home yesterday and things had quieted down I asked my daughter if she was done with the internet so I could switch the modem over to connect my system to it. She said sure, go ahead because she'd never gotten the internet to work on her laptop yesterday. Hmmmmmm. I didn't like the sounds of that. So I switched it over to my computer and I couldn't get online either. And all these security notices from my spyware and security systems were telling me something was definitely wrong. No matter what kind of scans I tried, no matter what I tried to do to fix the problem, nothing worked. I had no idea if my system was infected with some kind of vile virus and I couldn't connect to the internet to contact HP or the security providers to get technical support. What a mess. I gave up and went to bed and figured I'd just put it out of my mind and try again this morning if I had time, thinking maybe a clear mind might come up with a solution. All I could see were dollar signs dancing around behind my eyes, thinking I'd have to take my tower in to have it cleaned out. Just before Christmas. *Sigh* But a clear mind did help. I noticed the DSL connection was haywire. So I got a hold of my internet provider and within a few hours it was up and running again. I guess I take a smooth-running computer for granted too much of the time. It's when I think it's compromised or broken beyond my fixing it -- and it doesn't have to be very far gone to be beyond that -- that I begin to think about how much my hands are tied. Or maybe I should say how inconvenienced it makes my life. That's it more than anything. I have tons of photos on here. I hardly ever pay bills by 'paper' any more. If I send anything out by mail, it's a miracle. And of course my email and my blog. I look up all kinds of info. I have a lot of Dear Hubby's favorite sites bookmarked for hunting gear and information. The list goes on and on. And when it's suddenly "taken away" from you, it's like you've smacked right in to a dead end and you don't really know how or where to proceed. Strange, isn't it, how these little machines have wormed their ways into our lives in such a manner. It often makes me think of the HAL computer on "2001: A Space Odyssey" when 'he' decides to take over the space ship and gets rid of the astronauts. A computer can 'think', can't it?

Sheeeeeeesh. I had a rather unsettling thing happen the other morning. I've been visiting a new blog - new to me, anyway - for the past week or two, enjoying what I've been reading. A seemingly nice, normal woman around my age. And when I clicked to go there a few days ago, there's an entry about a basket of 'goodies' she'd been sent by someone with all kinds of sex toys. She starts out the entry by telling anyone she knows personally not to read any further. Well, I don't know her so I had no idea what was ahead of me as I scrolled down until she mentioned her goodie basket. And, much to my shock, she had included photos of her 'favorites'. By that time, I scurried off in a hurry, not wanting to see if she'd included why they were her favorites. I mean...good grief. Why oh why would someone even want to blog about
something so personal? And then include pictures along with it? But then...who am I to talk about 'personal' stuff? HA! That's the pot calling the kettle black, wouldn't you say? With all I've gone thru the past couple of years leading up to my hysterectomy back in April I didn't leave out many details. But at least with that I felt maybe I was helping some other women facing the same kind of problems in making decisions or letting them know someone else out there was going thru a lot of the same things they were. Maybe this woman justifies her 'upfront and personal' entry the same way. But that kind of personal stuff is, well...not something I care to know about in another person's life.

To each his own. Whatever floats their boat. Whatever.

It will be a busy weekend. I plan on being out grocery shopping when the stores open at 7. Then Dear Hubby and I are taking a ride east of Sandy, OR, to a guy's house who Dear Hubby has some business with. We'll hit the Goodwill on the way home and probably the coffee shop near it. Then the grandbabies come around 2 and I really don't have a clue what time the kids will pick them up. Sunday evening Cooper is being dedicated at church so there might be other family members present for that who don't normally attend our church. Not much 'down' time to write, that's for sure. We're also trying to integrate Dylan in to Sunday School now and that's pretty much my department, helping him adapt to it. He's with me more than just about anyone and I was able to talk him in to staying for a good portion of it last Sunday, only his second time going. He's pretty bashful, just like his dad was, and I'm starting out with Dylan just like I did with our son, sitting nearby and letting him know he hasn't been abandoned. It took our son a few months before I could finally leave him alone there and I'm thinking it'll be about the same for Dylan, too. I actually enjoyed it, watching all the babies -- 2 to 6 year olds -- practicing for the upcoming Sunday School Christmas program. Why can't all of us be that enthusiastic?!

A bad case of the sleepies is hitting me now, but it's 8:15...waaaaaay past my bedtime, for sure. I'm telling you, I lead an exciting life.


jutka said...

Have you seen the beautiful sight this evening up in the sky? Just before the complete darkness fell I saw a huge very bright and sparkling star with a smaller star on the right. After some search on the net I've found out that the Moon is meeting with Venus and Jupiter. KTU's website even shows a picture of it, just above Portland, when the dying sun set under the dark clouds.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Sounds like you and your daughter would benefit from a wireless router.

Just sayin...