Sunday, December 21, 2008

Did You Know.....

Come have a coffee break with me. It's snowing like crazy and I've been 'visiting' but I thought I'd take a break from all this 'socializing' and listen to Coldplay's "Viva la Vida" for about the bazillionth time and land here for a bit.

Oh, I LOVE this. I found it over at Lanie's and I'm going to be a copycat:

Did you know...

...that my hearing isn't what it used to be. I think I can still hear fine but I'm sure not hearing at the decibel level my grandson Dylan does. It used to be I'd hear a jet or a siren or train whistles before he would and bring it to his attention. Now he hears them and brings them to mine. But it could also be he's 'hearing' them before me now because I've taught him to be aware of all the different sounds we hear in a day and I'm so busy I may just be missing them because I'm so distracted.

...I've never, in 34 years of marriage, had a quarrel with my mother-in-law. I may not always agree with her. And I'm sure she doesn't always agree with me. But we've managed to live very peaceably, sharing her son and my husband.

...I'm honestly not as generous and nice-spirited as people seem to think I am. Well, most of the time I am, but there are a lot of times I've done what I've done just because I had to do it.

...I wasn't sure I'd enjoy having grandkids. Imagine that! So many of my friends had been grandmothers a lot earlier than me in life - I was a first-time Grandma when I was 52 - and I think I'd grown tired of hearing "Oh, you don't know what life is until you have grandkids!" because I'd heard it so many times. Well, this is one time in my life I definitely ate crow, so to speak. I can't even begin to imagine what life would be without mine! Being a Grandma is the best role I've had in life so far.

...I don't have much patience with whiners when it comes to their health. I was raised to be tough and I am, with myself. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain. When I'm sick I don't think I complain much. When I'm healing or getting better, I push myself to get better. I don't like being sick and I don't understand people who seem to languish in it. Not that I'm not a good caregiver for those who truly are sick...I think I'm very good at that and have the experience to prove it. But those who tend towards hypochondria and use their illness to gain sympathy and attention just go against my grain.

...I really would rather give than receive. I've gotten much better as I've gotten older about accepting gifts but it's taken me years to overcome not feeling worthy of receiving them. Same with receiving compliments. I don't know how to react. Or I should say I didn't know how until I worked for the schools a while back and my boss/friend Rhonda used to tell me as I'd sputter and get flustered whenever anyone would say something nice to me..."Just say, 'Thank you!', Krissy." and I'd say "Thank you, Krissy!" and we'd laugh about it. But making it into something silly like that helped me overcome another emotional hurdle. Old baggage from the past, don'tcha know.

Oh well.

...I am a horrible relative to have. More old baggage. Some things you may be able to forgive in life. But some things you never forget.

...I am beyond giddy! I was just getting ready to change to a new CD -- "Viva la Vida" needs a rest -- when my daughter asked me, "Would you like your Christmas present from me early?" Since I had a feeling I knew what it might be, I said, "SURE!" and it was what I thought it was, the new Enigma CD "Seven Lives Many Faces". Well, I'm not sure how new it is, but it was made this year. I am an Enigma fanatic and I already love it. Thank you, daughter!!!

...I wish I had more time to myself. But when I get it, I hardly know what to do with myself. I am SO used to being busy. My daughter tells me she thinks I've forgotten how to sit down and just relax. I think she might be right.

...I bit my fingernails for 43 years.

...I have no desire to travel anywhere. I am a total homebody.

...I threw up on Dear Hubby on our first date.

...I am not a very patient person but I'm very good at covering it up.

...I do not gossip. And I never, ever indulge confidences. I am very trustworthy.

...I am afraid of losing my independence when I grow older. I never want to be a burden to my children.

...I am terrified of tornadoes, swimming in water over my head, being in enclosed spaces, scorpions, poisonous snakes, and really HIGH heights.

...I am afraid of revealing too much about myself. I am very open and honest on here but I've always been a very careful, private person as well. I have a lot I would never want anyone to know about me. And a lot will go with me to the grave, unless I babble it out in my lost-my-marbles Senior years when everyone thinks I'm just jabbering jibberish. By then I wouldn't care. I will not and never have left any written record anywhere of what I don't want known. Too painful.

...I think that's enough about me.


Donna said...

This was very interesting. I know you better now. You asked what sort of image I have of you: You're a fairly new "find", so I haven't really developed a picture of you yet. You're a work in progress!

Lynda said...

Yikes about the throwing up!