Monday, December 8, 2008

A Great Night's Sleep

Dear Hubby and I have become a couple of still old boards as we're aging. Once upon a time, going to bed was something we looked forward to, to wake up rested and refreshed. The past few years there have been mornings where I can barely get off the bed, let alone get up. A year or so ago, Dear Hubby put a camping pad made out of some kind of material underneath the bottom sheet on his side of the bed that seemed to ease his aches somewhat so I purchased one for myself as well and that did help for a while. But lately we've both been tossing and turning most of the nite. The other day I got the bright idea when I was at Walmart to check out their mattress toppers and I purchased one similar to the picture above. I spent $71.88. It's the best $71.88 I think I've ever spent. What a difference it's made. I'm astounded. And I'm sure Chloe dog is happy, too, since she spends her nites tucked between us on top of the covers and with both of us heaving and ho-ing all nite long, I'm sure she felt as if she was being tossed about on a wild sea.

So, if you're old -- well, somewhat old -- and stiff like us and have considered buying one of these but not convinced enough to purchase one, do it. Do it! And go get a good nite's sleep.


Donna said...

We have the memory foam topper. Love it.

Lynda said...

Ah, a good night's sleep... nothing better!