Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ho Ho Hum

(Photo by Grammasrule )

I should be addressing Christmas cards. I don't feel like it. In fact, I dunno if I'm going to get any out at all this year. It's already...what?...the 13th? 14th? I have done absolutely nothing so far for Christmas yet. I told the checker at Fred Meyer this morning that I'm the Grinch and she said, "No! No way! Not you!" Yeah, me. Not that I'm not in the Christmas spirit. I just don't have any gumption to decorate or anything else. My contribution to the season so far is taking Dylan out to see the lights around the neighborhood around sunset. And humming a few Christmas carols to myself. Dear Hubby should get his Christmas bonus in the next few days so I'll most likely get out and do what little shopping that needs done next Saturday. I've got a couple of spendy gift items each in mind for the adult kids in the family. The rest will go towards the little guys. Which is who Christmas is for anyway.

We're under a storm watch here in the Willamette Valley. Some snow is expected here tomorrow and then frigid temperatures all next week with some more snow possible towards next weekend. Doesn't sound like the boys and I will be getting out to do any walking so I asked Dear Hubby this afternoon if he wanted to walk to the top of Mt. Tabor park. We did, and we pretty much had the park to ourselves. It was cold...raw to the bone cold. And spitting snow. And raining. With a stiff breeze. You've got to be diehard walkers like us to be nuts enough to go out and walk 5 miles in weather like that. It was worth it, tho...I'd forgotten to change my hormone patch for like a week and I was getting pretty growly and grumpy last nite before it dawned on me I'd better go get a new one. The built-up arrgggggghhhhh-iness of it all took flight about halfway up the "Big Monster", the eastside road that winds up and around the lava cone that makes up the park. I'd taken a ride this morning with Dear Hubby out to areas around Molalla, Mulino, and Colton to keep him company while he scouted for some new hunting ground and getting out to see some scenery other than my house and my usual taking-the-boys-for-a-walk routes was just what the doctor ordered, too. There was a light dusting of snow on the ground at higher elevations...lots of houses tucked back into the woods with smoke curling out of their chimneys, hunkered down and cozy looking. A rustic little quilt shop. Some general stores. Old churches. Tiny roadside cemeteries. Definitely the scenic route.

We stopped at the Goodwill in Oregon City on the way home. I found a dandy Tonka fire engine for Dylan for $4. Dear Hubby found a pair of military boots for $10. I told him maybe they'd been all the way to never know. I also found a stone duck for my garden if I ever get out there again to putz around. It had its original price tag from a retail store for $20 and I got it for $3. I like it so much I might just leave it where I put it 'temporarily', on one of our archway shelves between the living room and dining room. I love quirky stuff like that. That's my general decor...quirky. And dusty. A little cluttered. But two little boys' wonderland full of toys and a wooden table to color and make Play Doh projects at. An antique child-sized wooden chair and a little multi-colored stool to perch on. A home. Not a house. Grandma's. What memories will they take with them from here that will stay with them the rest of their lives?

Dear Hubby took some pictures of Dylan yesterday in his "worker dude" hard hat. He loves to wear that silly thing around the house. I saw at Fred Meyer today what would be the perfect gift for Dylan if he was maybe 5 years old or so....a tool kit with a hard hat, tool belt, and real - but smaller-sized - tools. Work gloves, too. Oh, he'd go crazy with something like that! He's got a plastic red hammer he likes to carry around and terrorize Chloe dog with. He's been known to thump Cooper on the head with it, too. He is one little guy just oozing testosterone...all boy. And Cooper seems to be following in his footsteps. He's not quite 8 1/2 months old and he's already pulling himself up and standing and just itching to take off after Big Brother. I can't imagine what life will be like when he's completely mobile. Already, I can't go to the bathroom without Chloe dog, Dylan, and Cooper all following me in there. Dear Hubby calls me the Pied Piper. Wherever I am, they are.

I could be addressing Christmas cards. I could be doing a lot of things. But I think I'll kick back and listen to Coldplay and play my Rainbow Web game for a while, then call it a nite. Climb onto my comfy memory foam mattress, snuggle down, and enjoy another restful nite's sleep. Dear Hubby told me I need to just chill tonite...shut my overactive mind down and vegetate a while. Playing Rainbow Web will certainly do that. Maybe I'll get to the Christmas cards tomorrow. And then again...maybe not.


Donna said...

I haven't decided what to do about Christmas cards either. I may just write a Christmas letter.

Brenda Susan said...

I love how you are enjoying the "now" moments with your grandchildren....much more imortant than working on Christmas cards!
Lately (maybe it's about being in our 50's) when I hear myself say the words "I should..." I refuse to do the thing unless I really want to. Learning to let go of other peoples expectations I guess. A good place to be.