Friday, December 19, 2008

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Well, around 5 o'clock this morning I had all kinds of ideas flying thru my head about what I wanted to write about tonite but, at almost 7 pm, do you think any of those thoughts are still here? Nah. Oh well.

We're supposed to be getting a huge "arctic blast" coming in around midday tomorrow. Anywhere from 6" to 10" of snow on the valley floor which is a pretty rare occurrence around here. I have exactly two Christmas presents purchased as of this moment. And I have a sneaking feeling that snow might start falling earlier than that since it's already snowing as I write this. Hmmmmmmmm. Dear Hubby volunteered to take me shopping in the morning since his truck has 4-wheel drive and he's quite experienced at driving in all kinds of weather. Sounds ok by me since I hardly ever get out and drive anymore outside of to Walmart and Fred Meyer on Saturdays, church on Sunday mornings. (Oh, I'm telling you, I lead an exciting life!) That said, we plan on being at Walmart when the doors open at 7. I have a couple of grocery items to pick up there and two Christmas gifts for the 'older' kids. The little guys need clothes for the most part and I'll buy what they need there, too. I've always been a believer in not spending a fortune on 'fancy' kid clothes, they outgrow 'em almost before they get around to wearing 'em. And if they spill ketchup and mustard and smear Desitin on something - which, I've found out, bleaches out on fabric - I don't have a heart attack since I spent maybe $5 on it instead of $50.

Remember when I blogged about needing to buy bras? I haven't gotten around to that yet. Cooper is having issues with diarrhea right now because of teething and as I fed him his first bottle of the morning yesterday I felt something warm and wet on my lap. Oh boy. A 'blaster' that came right thru his diaper and jammies. And went right thru my jeans and underwear. Wouldn't you know my other pair of jeans that still fit me - sort of - were in the wash. So I dragged out a pair of jeans I haven't worn in several months and put them on. They. Were. HUGE!!!! I spent the day tugging them up and the boys spent the day tugging them down, haha! Cooper has learned how to pull himself up and stand so he's constantly following me around the house and as soon as I stand still he grabs on to a pant leg to hoist himself up. Most of the time that isn't a problem but I spent most of yesterday getting 'pantsed'. Dylan likes to come up and hug me around the thighs while I'm doing stuff in the kitchen. Same result. I think I need to get out and buy some pants too, don'tcha think?! Actually, outside of my 'going-to-church' clothes which are presentable, the rest of my wardrobe is pretty pathetic. Most of what I own has been spit up on, burped on, had noses wiped on. The knees of my jeans - well, the seat-end of them, too - are almost transparent from scooting around on the carpet and floors with the boys. But they're my "grandma" clothes. And no one outside of neighbors see me. (When I'm out walking I'm covered with jackets.) My neighbors are used to me going out in my bathrobe to water my flowers in the summer, feed the birds in the winter. The comments about my wardrobe I've gotten from them this year has been, "Haven't you lost a lot of weight?!" Why, yes...yes, I have. And it's been weight that I haven't put any effort forth in losing, either. It's come a hard way, tho...thru lots of physical issues this year.

I'm certainly not concerned about Dylan's language issues any more. In the past few weeks he's trying new words every day and even tho they're not the clearest yet, I know what he's saying. He still clutches his ears and goes "Ow!" a lot, tho, so I'm hoping the kids will hear about an appointment opening up for him with a specialist soon.

Once I'm done with shopping tomorrow we're going to hunker down and stay inside, I think. Unless we get really wild and crazy and decide to walk to the top of Mt. Tabor like we have in the past when it's snowed. But never when it's snowed this much. After two weeks of being inside with the kids without any walks because of our frigid, crummy weather I'm going a little stir crazy so why not walk? It'll be so beautiful it'll be worth it. I still might get to my Christmas cards. But don't count on it.


Marilyn said...

Can you believe this weather!!!
Mike had to drive to Burns last night, leaving here at midnight. What a drive that was and tonight he leaves there at midnight to come home.
I have been a nervous wreck not having him here in fear of being home alone when the "storm" hits.
I feel like Caroline Ingals on the Prairie when Charles is in Mancato...

Hey, do you have Dish Netork?
We don't get KATU any more because of some money dispute.
I am SO mad!!!!!!!

Stay warm

Alaine said...

It must be nice to get snow for a change :) We got 11.7 inches in about 8 hours yesterday. I'm hoping they plowed our road overnight so I can actually get to where I'm going.

Stay safe and have fun shopping.


Oh...and I was laughing that Marilyn used a Little House reference :) I do that a lot.

Danielle Says Hello said...

I haven't gotten to my cards yet either. No worries though...they will just be New Years' cards.

Melissa B. said...

My kids few thru Friday's freakin' blizzard. They were coming from LAX, clear across the country to DC, and were lucky. Everywhere they connected, the snow had stayed away! I love the frozen stuff, except when I'm worried about folks being out in the storm! BTW, please don't forget my Sx3's seasonal-and hysterical!