Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter Sunsets, Winter Storms, and Life

( Photo by Astrobug )

This is a recent sunset photo taken here in Portland with Jupiter and Venus prominent in the night sky. Beautiful.

We don't often get snow here on the valley floor...we're tucked in between the Coast Range and the Cascade Mountains which do. But the forecast is calling for anywhere from 1" - 4" falling here tomorrow nite, I think it is. I was so brain-blah by the time I called it a day around 6:40 this evening when the babies finally left that not much was penetrating my brain. As long as I don't have icy roads to deal with when I do my grocery shopping at oh-dark-hundred tomorrow morning, I don't really care. The first season of "24" 's DVDs have arrived at the library and I hope to pick them up in the morning when the library opens so Dear Hubby and I have something to watch tomorrow nite. I can't even remember if it's our daughter or our son who said that's a really good TV show...we'd never watched it until the season premiere movie a week or so ago and now Dear Hubby wants to watch all the episodes. Fine with me. There doesn't seem to be much worth watching any more. Tho I think it's tonite's "Austin Limits" on PBS that has Crowded House playing in concert. I was never familiar with them when they were current...there's a lot of music from the late 70s thru the early 90's I'm not too familiar with for various I've got that taping on the DVR later and will try watching that somewhere along the line. Or I'll delete it without watching it like I do just about everything else I tape. Why I do that, I dunno. I get all gung-ho about watching something, then lose interest right off the bat. Just not much of a TV fan, I guess.

We've had a wicked flu bug in our house this week, at least for our daughter. Dear Hubby felt pretty crummy for a few days, too, tho he was still able to go to work. I'm not sure if it was a touch of the flu I had on Monday or food poisoning but an hour before I left to go to my doctor's to have some blood work done I got struck with the most ferocious headache. By the time I got to his office I could hardly function. Everyone there was so nice...the doctor even went off to get me a couple of Tylenol's and a glass of water. When he came back in to the examining room I looked up at him and said, "I think I'm going to throw up!" He said, "The bathroom is that way," and pointed out the direction. I got in there and thought I was going to turn inside out, I threw up so hard. Over and over again. When I got back to the examining room he said, "You'll feel better now!" and handed me the Tylenol. Sure enough, the headache eased but by the time I got home I told Dear Hubby, "I'm heading for bed!" I 4:30 in the afternoon!...and slept until the alarm went off at 4 the next morning. I'm sure that's what 'cured' me because I haven't felt bad since. But how embarrassing. I'm sure everyone at the doctor's office heard me in my misery. Oh well. I guess I couldn't have picked a better place to get sick, HA!

I've been thinking of going to my old blog and 'transferring' some of my entries from there on to here. There really aren't all that many people who've followed me thru all the years I've been on here and I've written so much that I don't think what I do copy on here will seem all that familiar to them. I am too time-starved to write much at this stage and I've been wanting to copy my old blog. I suppose I should do it on a disk. I dunno. Tonite, I don't care. So I think I'll keep what I consider my 'best' that I want the grandsons to have someday and delete the rest. I think I'll do one before I go to bed, just to get the ball rolling. I'll put the original dates on them, too. So read will follow this one.

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