Thursday, January 15, 2009

Am I Happy? Are YOU?!

I found these questions at Blogstalker's this morning as I was doing my quick little trip around my Coffee Stops. I thought they were interesting and decided to give them a shot. Since none of us who go there know for sure whether Stalker is a He or a She - at least I don't think it's ever been revealed but I happen to think "She" - whoever you are, Stalker, I like your blog because of your insightful thinking. And I am going to attempt to be very honest, tho I find a few of these painful to answer:

(How much do we really reveal about ourselves to the outside world?)

When you get up in the morning, are you looking forward to the day ahead?
Most definitely! Even when I have a lot on my mind, I still think of my Life as the most incredible gift I've ever been given. I had a cancer scare several years ago and, ever since then, stopping and smelling the roses has become a priority of mine.

Do you notice the change in the seasons?
Always. And I love the beauty of each in their uniqueness.

Do you make the best of your job, whether its your dream job or not?
I certainly try to, but I had one back in the 1980s with one of the most chauvinistic, sexist male bosses on earth and he and I butted heads a lot. I've always been a very, very independent-minded, practical, outspoken woman...well, even as a little girl!...and a man who's very condescending towards me goes totally against who I am. I realized from a very early age that I'm relatively smart and I also had parents who taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to. Having someone treat me like I was a nitwit...not good.

When people are around you for a period of time, do THEY tend to become happier?
Well, I HOPE so. I guess I'd have to let my best friend Lizzee answer that one in the comments when she comes to read. I am not a terribly social person...not on a one-on-one level anyway. I tend to keep to myself when I have some time to myself, especially at this stage in life, because my life is so insanely BUSY right now. I have to have time to recharge my battery.

Are you stressed out on Sunday because the next day is Monday?
I used to be when I had the job in the 80s. I'd literally be sick the nite before.

Can you enjoy just sitting around with friends doing nothing productive?
This hearkens back to my not being really social. I hardly ever do anything with a group of people. Sheeeeeesh...I think the last time I did something with more than one person was maybe 20 years ago??? Seriously! I belonged to a Secret Pal club at my church and my Secret Pal - tho I didn't know it was her at the time - and two other friends took me out to lunch at a restaurant on Portland's waterfront for my birthday. Crowds bother me. Or should I say big groups do? I tend to be more of an observer when I'm in them. I am way out of my comfort zone. It wasn't always that way. I used to be a very outgoing 'leader' type of a kid. When my family moved away from my hometown and there were all kinds of things falling apart at home and in my life, I lost a lot of confidence and security. I don't think I've ever fully recovered it tho, as I've gotten older, I realize deep inside it was all still there...I just suppressed it.

Do others enjoy sharing THEIR good news with YOU?
Yes, they must because people will tell it to me. Face-to-face I think I'm pretty enthusiastic and delighted for people when things go good for them. Sometimes I feel badly for our daughter because with her weird work hours, by the time she's getting home I'm going to bed and I'm so brain-dead by then that I'm not very enthusiastic or responsive to ANYTHING...I'm decompressing. I think she realizes that...I HOPE she does. Because I love her with all my heart and I'm thrilled for her when things go well for her. I'm just too tired to think at the end of the day. And by the end of the week!!! By Friday evening...fuhgeddaboutit. Someone could tell me I'd just been given a million bucks and I think the best I could come up with would be, "That's nice."

When you see co-workers talking do you assume they are talking about you?
Nah...well, unless you consider my little grandsons as my coworkers. I can't even go to the bathroom without them and the dog following me. And if one isn't climbing on or clinging to me, the other one is. And if there's a lull in the action, Chloe dog steps in for her 5 minutes of cuddling. During the day I'm the center of all their universes. They may not be talking about me, but they're constantly chattering at me.

Are you so fun when you are happy that others try and make and keep you happy?
I am not so much fun as I am funny. I can't tell you how many people in my lifetime have told me I'm the funniest person they know. My one-liners can drop people in their tracks.

Do you try to out do yourself?
Oh my...all the time. I had a very strong work ethic planted in my head from childhood. Tho with the health issues I've had the past few years, I've HAD to slow down. It's very hard for me...VERY ask for help. Or, even moreso, to admit weakness.

Can you be happy with your best efforts?

Do you do the bare minimum to get by?

Do you feel you make a difference?
Yes. I'm told very often that I do. That's not ego talking --- all my life I've just been really in tune with the ones I know and love. I honestly care about people.

Are you approachable?
Extremely. I'm the one people who can't speak English always seek out in the grocery store when they need help. I don't know why. My Dear Hubby says I have a very open, friendly, and non-threatening look about me, whatever that means.

At the conclusion of a conversation, do you feel you talked too much?
Only when I've been with someone who won't hold up their end of the conversation. I used to have some friends like that and it became such a burden to try to draw them out I'd go away exhausted. Just to show you I'm not always as 'nice' as everyone seems to think I am, I finally gave up on the friendships because I'd get so frustrated with having to do all the chitchat. I do NOT do chitchat well. A one-on-one conversation with some substance is what I love best.

Do babies like you?
Babies and children LOVE me. Just ask my daughter.

Do dogs like you?

Do you like dogs?
Friendly ones.

Are you the suck-up in class?
No way!

Are you the student who excels without advertising it?

When lost, will you ask for directions from a stranger?


Blog Stalker said...

I really enjoyed your honest and open responses to these questions.

You sure sound like someone who IS happy. Happy is IS as happy does to steal a line and tweak it a little, no?

Again, great post and no, I have not revealed my gender or anything else YET! But many have made their own guesses and assumptions. I just want my posts to be taken for what they are and not come with any pre-conceived slant from the readers perspective. It also makes it a little freer for me to be very open other than about the smallest most personal details.

As of now only one person in this whole world other than myself knows who BLOGSTALKER is.

Whew! sorry for rambling. I obviously would keep up my end of the conversation were we ever to meet. lol

Have a great day!

Melissa B. said...

You are really an upbeat person! I, for the most part, am pretty much a glass half-full kinda person, too. Although I have to admit that I have a cynical side, too. Blogstalker is such a random person. Used to unnerve me a tad when he/she would periodically drop off the face of the earth, but I think I understand now. BTW, don't forget Sx3 tomorrow. We'll be in an Inaugural Type of Mood!