Saturday, January 3, 2009

The greatest wealth is health. ~ Virgil

I haven't followed this show all that closely since it first began airing a few years ago. I think it was maybe the second or third season where I felt somewhat connected to the contestants and watched it every week. Otherwise, I've tuned in here and there thru each season. But this past season the contestants never really inspired me to care all that much about their outcome, whether they were successful or not. I don't know why. It has to be me, I know, because this has become an American mania and it motivates millions of people to get on the beat-the-fat bandwagon after all the holiday feasting that's been going on ever since Thanksgiving. Well, even since Halloween really...all the trick-or-treat goodies can definitely trigger off a gotta-have-that-sugar-fix in a lot of us that continues on until the morning of January 1st...the morning we wake up after the last nite of celebrating to step on the scale...if we're brave enough...and gape in disbelief at what the numbers tell us.

I guess what it boils down to for me is the way this show pits the contestants against each other. The snarkiness that goes on behind the scenes. Even having spouses and children on opposing teams. The cut-throat quality of elimination. This is what is supposed to inspire the rest of us to want to lose weight? Having Bob and Jillian berate and cuss and humiliate? And how do the producers of this show cull out the final crop of contestants who make it to the new season each year? The whiners, the complainers, the spoiled brats who always seem to be there? The 'pack' mentality of picking on the underdog? I don't find it a particularly nice show. Sometimes I find it appalling. But then again...that's me.

But Tuesday nite -- well, actually sometime on Wednesday, most likely during nap time for the boys -- will find me tuning in either live or by DVR taping to see what the new season has in store for us. It's like a morbid curiosity for me. And a compulsion. I can't seem to not watch at least the first episode of each season. Maybe because once I would've qualified for a place on it. And I can see, if I'm not careful, where I could end up again. It's the fear factor that draws me in.

And the determination I won't go back there, ever again.


Linda said...

The title of your post says it all. When I was diagnosed with BC I didn't care about anything but getting healthy and my family. I used to love reality TV but now it seems that it is focused on the negativity..for the ratings I suppose.
Garbage in, garbage out.

jacker said...

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